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Toon Link isn't a clone of Link. They have different movesets and abilities. A clone character is something like Falco is to Fox, whose moves in previous games had no real difference. I'd wager that Lucina's moves differentiate her from Marth and she's more than just a female version of his move set.

I haven't actually been paying close attention to Toon Link. Is it more than just speed, height and different colored bombs and arrows this time?

Toon Link is a lot faster and a bunch of his attack work differently in brawl. I know a guy who's very good with Toon Link but terrible with regular ass Link. They're still clones though with very similar attacks and move set only with subtle but important variations. Anyway, I think link is just a skin for toon link in the new one since they wanted to get rid of the almost clone character thing they had in melee and brawl.

I hope they take notes from Project M. That made a lot of strides towards making even "clones" have very unique move sets. Many of the specials were similar but almost every other attack they do is custom.

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well.....at least we still have Morpheus?

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@bigjeffrey: Considering that they've basically been removing things from this system one after the other, with the always-online, the game sharing system, the no-disc-required thing, and now the Kinect, I'm just wondering what they actually have. I hated their policies, and the Kinect, but they've basically stripped their own system down to nearly nothing.

Doesn't it just make it a PS4?

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I just don't want this to turn out where every single decision is to either ruin your career or ruin or family life. I know the decisions should be meaningful, but those just seem like obvious choices sometimes. This could be really super creative, but a lot of indie games have started doing the "your life sucks no matter what you do" and hinge on always hurting the character no matter what.

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I can't watch anything besides low on every player on GB except YouTube and TwitchTV. And the low is so pixelated, its difficult to even watch. I obviously am a member, but I end up watching everything on YouTube anyways because the members player won't play properly. It usually either skips every few seconds or the video will stutter and stop at times while the audio keeps going, making for a very disjointed viewing experience. It's really unfortunate.

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Do you think the Arrested Development season lived up to the hype? If not, what does that mean for the movie? Do you guys think that this type of TV show would even fit the movie format?

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I like how in order to explain the pronunciation, people need to use a completely different letter to get the point across. That must be an indication of something, I just wish I knew what it was.....

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I would really like to see a new endurance run though, I am annoyed at how resistant the staff seems to them, I think one a year is perfectly reasonable and the are just enjoyable to watch.

They've been doing Endurance Runs. They're just Premium only

Those aren't Endurance Runs. You make it sound so cynical as if they took something away from non members. The "Endurance Run" you are talking about was more in the style of the old Random PC Game content, where they just kind of do it whenever they get some free time.

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@wizeguy: It also means that you can give your buddy the game disc and he can install it for a fee and you can both play together online. Sounds awesome to me.

This is what I like. One person can buy the game and pass it around so other can play with them for a cheaper price with the same disc. And no one knows if Sony will be doing something similar or not. Just because it hasn't been brought up, doesn't mean it will not happen.

I strongly hope you can play the game off the disc for free, and it is an install fee only. But in the end, I do not feel it is that big of a deal. "Additional fee" doesn't always mean it will be near full price, but who's to say until these things really get flushed out, which I'm thinking will be around E3.

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Nintendo is not in the wrong. They just do not quite understand why LP's do well. I'm sure some people watch them just to see a game, but a majority of the high viewing ones stay consistent because people return for the personalities of the commentators. It is the same with GB. Of course GB isn't showing entire games most of the time, but personality is the reason people enjoy their videos.

This will not really affect people who record LP's with high view counts because they will just find other games, and people will still enjoy their commentary. Also, not everyone just throws up footage and talks. Many put much effort into editing, so they can reduce the dull moments. Take RoosterTeeth's Achievement Hunter let's play channel "Let's Play" for example. Most sessions last over an hour, but they only post about a half hour of material because they care about quality, which in their case revolves around humor. Of course some people just abuse the LP format to make cash off of work Nintendo has done, but this is broad generalization that does not apply to most popular channels.

In the end, Nintendo might make a small amount off of existing videos, but not much will change, except there will be fewer videos of Nintendo games from people who use their personality, through the vehicle of video games, to make a living/side income.

People shouldn't be outraged, but Nintendo clearly misses the point and will not gain much from it, except some ill will from from some of their audience, whether deserved or not.