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@captain_insano: Some of my favorite games are Blood Rage, Time Stories, Five Tribes, Pandemic Legacy: Season 1, Dead of Winter, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Dominion, Camel Up, and Suburbia. Also, absolutely fantastic game is Codenames. It is like a thinking man's party game and is up for game of the year this year. It is great with 4 players and above.

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@turambar said:
@themaintank said:

@turambar: on the contrary, it's actually a really cool subversion of design goals. The first game encouraged you to go slow to a fault, so you ended up creepin forward one square at a time to get a sniper ambush on each pod. You wanna play slow, it feels safer, but you need to play fast. That tension is the whole point of the game, and just because you don't like it doesn't mean it isn't awesome.

...It needs to build a set of game play mechanics that allows you to follow the additional rule in an engaging way. I have not heard anyone in this thread speak to any aspect of the game that helps support a sudden need to run and gun.

First of all, not all missions are timed, but they have been frequent. Secondly, Firaxis actually did build gameplay mechanics to support this style of play, which maybe the thread hasn't fully explained (I haven't been following the entirety of it). This is Concealment. No enemies will attack you until you enter into one of the positions marked as being in their line of sight. This means you can dash at first without being too worried about running into and triggering enemies. You can set up ambushes and can even avoid enemy groups completely sometimes.

Now if you play the game and it does start to bother you (or if you just don't like the idea at all), there is the option to download a mod that will remove the timers, as I saw someone else mentioned, and play just like you did in EU.

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I actually couldn't think about this in the right way at the time so I kind of logically brute forced it. That sounds weird, but basically I counted all of the blocks I would need (12 - 4 = 8) and looked at all the ways I could encapsulate all of the special blocks while maintaining that number. There is really only a couple valid ways to do this in this puzzle, so it only took 2 tries.

Counting the blocks to see how many empty spaces you will have can actually be a very helpful starting point in a couple harder puzzles that have a lot of yellow blocks. It can at least give you a starting point and a better idea of what the final result will look like.

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@rongalaxy: @solorex: @rikiguitarist:Great, thanks! I think since it was a part of a series of panels side by side (instead of off on its own, like others that have similar functions) I wasn't in that frame of mind.

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Is it the panel on the ramp, or is it the last panel in the series that caused the ramp to slide? I tried going back and purposely failing that one to undo the movement, but it sounds like I need to solve it a different way to get it to move back?

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(Picture and question may contain a spoiler)

So I just solved the last puzzle on this platform, causing the shown ramp on the bottom to slide across the floor, providing access to the upper platform across the room from the floor.

The problem is, I did not get on the ramp as it slid by in order to get off of this platform. I cannot get the ramp to slide back so I can get down. I can only get the ramp to fold flat by using the puzzle panel located on its side in the picture.

So move the ramp back to get down? I can physically not get off of this platform to go anywhere in the game now.

I may just be not very observant, but this can stop me from playing altogether if I cannot get down.

Please no spoilers in this thread (outside of the content of my question), aside from a description of how to get down. Thanks.

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I got this game on a recommendation from a friend, not knowing what to expect beyond Warhammer Fantasy. I completely agree with your assessment so far. I really like the L4D games, so having a new game in that style is a big draw. What keeps me playing is the combination of the great melee combat, unique style of classes, and the loot drip. I have yet to play a full game with bots, as the community has been pretty active, but I could see it being really annoying. Hopefully that is what patches are for.

It is a little disappointing that the special Skaven are almost exact clones of the L4D2 special zombies, but they really do make them fit into the universe really well. I would be a little upset if this was a full $60 game, for the same reasons as another L4D game, but also since it is so close to that series. I think the price point of $30 is perfect for a high quality, well produced game in this genre. It will also make it easier for those unfamiliar to give it a shot.

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I'm on Xbox One and I went through the process on a friend's Xbox 360 of exporting Rock Band 1, but I have no idea how to get the songs onto Rock Band 4. I cannot find any videos or articles anywhere that actually show or explain the Xbox One side of things. I know that when you export you are saving the files onto a drive, but do you actually need the drive to import them back into RB4? I was hoping xbox would realize I had done the download/export, but I do not even see the individual songs or pack in the Add-Ons section of the store to get them.

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At least as far as thrash goes:

1. Megadeth

2. Metallica

3. Anthrax (Joey Belladonna all the way)

4. Testament

I actually got to see the 20th anniversary tour with Megadeth, Anthrax and Slayer, where they played through all of Rust In Peace, and all of Seasons in the Abyss. I respect Slayer a lot, but I personally think too many of their songs sound too similar.

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@darthorange said:

@hailinel said:

Toon Link isn't a clone of Link. They have different movesets and abilities. A clone character is something like Falco is to Fox, whose moves in previous games had no real difference. I'd wager that Lucina's moves differentiate her from Marth and she's more than just a female version of his move set.

I haven't actually been paying close attention to Toon Link. Is it more than just speed, height and different colored bombs and arrows this time?

Toon Link is a lot faster and a bunch of his attack work differently in brawl. I know a guy who's very good with Toon Link but terrible with regular ass Link. They're still clones though with very similar attacks and move set only with subtle but important variations. Anyway, I think link is just a skin for toon link in the new one since they wanted to get rid of the almost clone character thing they had in melee and brawl.

I hope they take notes from Project M. That made a lot of strides towards making even "clones" have very unique move sets. Many of the specials were similar but almost every other attack they do is custom.