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Good luck mate, take care.

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Fine by me, the more polish the better I hope.

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Chelsea smiles for everyone!

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Here we go again!

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It is a depressing and worrying trend. Hopefully 2015 should be better.

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WoW & Oblivion.Two amazing worlds that I couldn't get enough of for so long.

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@marc: I know that :) I was just kidding.

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Come on Jools, step up, get her on the Later show.

Just kidding, do not want on UK TV.

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Dan's a real NARC.

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I don't but a few of my friends play both. They're no better than others who play fantasy footy to be honest. I think watching the matches and knowing the players, fixtures, form etc is a lot more important than your knowledge of footy manager. My friends who play footy manager are really good at naming strange unknown players though :) This only applies to the prem league fantasy football though, I've never played any others.