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My older brother just beat the game, got the Bad End. I'm guessing he feels pretty empty right now.

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I really hope Square hasn't changed stylistically to the degree that they are incompatible with what made that game so great in the 90s. The FFVII Compilation did not exactly fill me with confidence, but they surely know how high the stakes are on this project.

No mopey Advent Children Cloud, basically.

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Woo! We did it, America! My mom can get married now.

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Well... I guess at least everyone's now paying the same for those shaders and emotes. I could think of worse solutions, though I could most assuredly think of some better ones, too.

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Hoo boy. The Destiny saga continues to enthrall. As someone who never played past the demo, everything surrounding this game is just so fascinating to me. I'm really anxious to see what long-term effects this game's turbulent reception has on Bungie.

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Feel pretty good about it. Though I only buy like 2 big games per year. If I was buying more, I'd probably be more cautious about it.

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Really enjoyed the Witcher. Looking forward to Batman, Fallout and Persona.

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This looks like a lot of fun.

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They just need someone to arrange the old shit. I nominate Masashi Hamauzu.

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Definitely the crafting. I spent way too much time building dumb weapons in Dead Space 3.