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Final Fantasy: Road Trip

I've thought since the first CG trailer that the world aesthetic is pleasing to me. Reminds me of FFVIII, with its breezy euro charm. I much prefer a more grounded riff on real-world architecture to the neon future stylings of FFXIII. The character designs are a bit much with everyone in color-matching black leather, but it's a welcome come-down from Kingdom Hearts' unbridled gaudiness. Still, something in the middle would be nice.

Basically, I'm saying FFVIII was the series' aesthetic peak, and I've been missing it ever since.

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My take is, Square needs someone to ship the damn game. Which is just as well, I'd like to see XV reach shelves before the 10 year anniversary of its announcement. Perhaps Tabata, known mostly for his work on mobile, will be this game's Naoki Yoshida?

As for the game itself, dunno. The trailer looked like what we've been seeing for a while now, but pretty as all hell. They've got my attention, for sure, but I sure would like to have a better idea of what FFXV actually is.

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I peeked into a raid stream. It looks way more interesting than the leveling content simply because there are additional mechanics involved.

The raids seem neat conceptually, but after watching some of one, it cements my suspicion that I will never experience one. No fucking way. I'd be curious to see if the next expansion incorporates some mechanical variety into the non-raid content, though.

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@demoskinos: I want to meet this person. It's rare to see that kind of whirling madness expressed with such precision and clarity of language.

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Looks pretty neat. I'm not a fan of clone characters, generally, but there seem to be fewer of them than there was in Brawl, and there's enough weirdness and variety in that roster for me to just shrug and accept the parts I don't like.

Also, no Roy, so FUCK THIS GAME.

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So, what do you, in fact, accomplish in the game's ending? Did you at least beat THE DARKNESS?

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I really don't know. FFXV seems to be the last remnant of the inefficient production pipeline/cart-before-horse hubris that produced FFXIII, and which Square subsequently resolved during the development of the rest of that trilogy.

From that perspective, it almost doesn't matter to me anymore if FFXV is good; I just want Square to put this decade-long odyssey behind them so they start fresh with the lessons they learned over the last console generation.

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Watching that stream made me realize how important weapon variety was to the Halo formula. If I'm just using the same three guns (but mostly just one, because ammo for the other two seem quite scarce) for an entire mission, then I'm not sure Destiny is a game I want to play...

Maybe endgame guns are interesting enough to counteract that?

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Yeah... no idea what these new developments are, either. I certainly don't mean to cast my ignorance as a point of pride, but if your objective is to curb shitty behavior in the gaming community, it couldn't hurt to know that, I suspect, a large swath of that community is totally oblivious to what is going on. Not that dredging up shit under the auspices of informing people will help anything, but... I don't know. I'll just go back to la-la land. I like it there.

@seikenfreak: Totally. At level cap, D3 is all about, "Oh shit, I got some sweet Depth Diggers for my Monk with 2 sockets and good affixes, so now resource generators do 93% more damage. Now my weak-ass punches are my primary damage dealer, let's retool my entire build around that and and and blaaaargh."

Hearing the GB dudes approach the game from a decidedly more casual direction is not unwelcome, but it is strange because it doesn't reflect the game as I understand it, at all.

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Plenty of games I don't finish, but the most recent example of padding putting me off a game is Bravely Default. Lovely game marred by an abysmal home stretch.

@49th said:

Okami, that game ended about 3 times and then I just gave up.

God yes. That game's ending was gated behind a fucking boss rush. I could not believe that they wanted me to beat that nine-tailed fox boss for a third time.