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@liquidprince: That's why I generally am wary of backfilling in fiction: even if new information does cast a different light on prior events, that doesn't change the poor experience I had viewing those events the first time.

Anyway, Zaheer's reveal about Unalaq did not substantially change how I viewed his character or motives, so how that information was delivered is sort of a moot point.

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@liquidprince: If that's what that Raava/Vaatu stuff was intended to convey, may I submit that the writers did a piss poor job of it. Zaheer's anarchist philosophy is validated in Book 3 because the writers demonstrate that the Earth Kingdom's traditional monarchy has created a disenfranchised underclass. That's why they took great pains to show us how fucked up Ba Singh Se was: to elevate Zaheer from gormless thug to kinda almost making sense.

In my opinion, the writers do nothing nearly as interesting with Unalaq. The ramifications of the Dark Avatar are indeed tremendous, but there's nothing to say there, no larger point: he's just a bad guy who wants to mess everything up. If Book 2 has any driving ideological theme, it's about traditionalism and dogmatism with the water tribe stuff, but they abandon that angle by the time Raava and Vaatu show up.

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@liquidprince: For me, Book 2's deepest failing was that it got away from what I thought the series did best. Although the Avatar universe is pretty fanciful with all the kung fu magic, the conflicts in the series are, at their core, ideological. But at some point in Book 2, the whole thing just veers into hoary fantasy cliche: some power-hungry wizard wants to free his dark god from an ancient prison. No thanks.

I'd have been much happier if Book 2 was just about a holy war between water tribes, with Varrick being a sleazy corporate warmonger on the side. The way the season actually ended, with a giant kaiju battle in Republic City bay, just struck me as laughable, like a parody.

That Book 3 had much lower stakes by comparison, and managed to tell a gripping story while still being somewhat grounded, made it much stronger overall.

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TLoK's quality has been quite inconsistent at times, but Book 3 was such a notable improvement across the board that I'm super looking forward to this. Here's hoping Korra goes out with a bang. (But not literally. Please don't die, Korra.)

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Final Fantasy: Road Trip

I've thought since the first CG trailer that the world aesthetic is pleasing to me. Reminds me of FFVIII, with its breezy euro charm. I much prefer a more grounded riff on real-world architecture to the neon future stylings of FFXIII. The character designs are a bit much with everyone in color-matching black leather, but it's a welcome come-down from Kingdom Hearts' unbridled gaudiness. Still, something in the middle would be nice.

Basically, I'm saying FFVIII was the series' aesthetic peak, and I've been missing it ever since.

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My take is, Square needs someone to ship the damn game. Which is just as well, I'd like to see XV reach shelves before the 10 year anniversary of its announcement. Perhaps Tabata, known mostly for his work on mobile, will be this game's Naoki Yoshida?

As for the game itself, dunno. The trailer looked like what we've been seeing for a while now, but pretty as all hell. They've got my attention, for sure, but I sure would like to have a better idea of what FFXV actually is.

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I peeked into a raid stream. It looks way more interesting than the leveling content simply because there are additional mechanics involved.

The raids seem neat conceptually, but after watching some of one, it cements my suspicion that I will never experience one. No fucking way. I'd be curious to see if the next expansion incorporates some mechanical variety into the non-raid content, though.

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@demoskinos: I want to meet this person. It's rare to see that kind of whirling madness expressed with such precision and clarity of language.

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Looks pretty neat. I'm not a fan of clone characters, generally, but there seem to be fewer of them than there was in Brawl, and there's enough weirdness and variety in that roster for me to just shrug and accept the parts I don't like.

Also, no Roy, so FUCK THIS GAME.

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So, what do you, in fact, accomplish in the game's ending? Did you at least beat THE DARKNESS?