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Anything featuring Vinny is a "yes" from me.

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Kojima would bankrupt those dudes. Just let Platinum be Platinum.

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I'm sure it'll come back some day, and I'll be interested to see how it works out. But Valve's first swing at this was clearly not as well-thought-out as it needed to be, especially with a modding community as particular as Skyrim's.

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As someone who's not into multiplayer, these games have never been a good value proposition for me. But I will no doubt enjoy the YouTube supercut of the campaign's setpieces.

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Looks different, I'll definitely say that. This is the first I've heard of this Suicide Squad business, though.

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That's cool that they're dealing with this stuff organically.

Honestly, though, I'm not going into these choice-based games anymore with big expectations. These days, I'm pretty much okay with everything merging into a center path as long as the rationale isn't Rachni Queen dumb.

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I imagine there are technical, logistical and quality-of-life reasons that most GB livestreams tend to fall near the end of their work day.

I'm curious, for duders outside of North America, what times would be ideal for you that are also achievable for the GB crew?

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I hope it's as good as Triple Triad. Also I hope you can break down the hero cards into like 100 Meteor spells to Junction to Squall's strength so Renzokuken hits the damage limit.


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Makes perfect sense to me why they brought Jaquen back. There's a limit to how many new characters the audience will accept in a certain period, even on this show. The showrunners probably just asked themselves "Does it even fucking matter who the old man is?" And they answered themselves "NO," and made him a familiar face to streamline things.

Also, add my voice to the chorus against Daenerys. I can only be told so many times that someone is of great importance before I start to resent them. Tyrion needs to get her ass to Westeros, soon.

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I wouldn't call it convoluted, unless you're using it a synonym for copious. Overall the writing is quite decent, but they don't do a great job of letting you know what is actually worth remembering, and what is just fantasy window dressing. Maybe the final act pulls everything together.