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No idea how future patches will affect gameplay, but I seriously doubt any plans they're pursuing will be sufficient to "fix" FFXV's story. This isn't Kingdom of Heaven.

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Dual swords and kusarigama. I'm going full ninja in this game and it feels awesome.

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I just got 900 feathers for my points in the Arena.

Are you telling me it's gonna take TWENTY more weeks to upgrade my Corrin to 5 stars, game? Is that what you're telling me?!

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It's OK. FE Fates is a better FE game, and Record Keeper is a better mobile nostalgia trip. We'll see if they build it out over time, I guess.

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@ripelivejam said:

@deathstriker: on the other hand, people seem to like hating on things in an extreme sort of way and use strong negative rhetoric right out the gate. it's like an opposite pendulum swing. i guess they do it cause... it's funny to be negative on the internet or something? a large proportion of the talk on this game is negative, maybe it's just here but it feels like a common thread. it's cool and all that we live in such a buyer beware time and that the consumer gets good feedback, but tone it down a little? or at least wait until the game's out and we have wome more feedback and we"ve seen more of it in action.

i'm fond of the series from a distance but i really don't have a horse in this race. i still think you shouldn't be ready to hate so easily, and weigh the good and bad fairly.

Rather than dismissing the negative sentiment around Andromeda as fussy or bandwagoning, I'd rather interpret it as evidence that the ME3 controversy has had a material effect on the franchise's prospects. There's a goodwill the developer once had that was lost, and time, apparently for some, has not replenished it. That's something Bioware will have to navigate going forward.

The main reason I've been baffled by the slim pre-release campaign around Andromeda is that it seems a poor effort to get people back on board. I mean, think back to Inquisition's PR - it was basically one long apologia for DA2. With Andromeda, it's like they think they've already won the war. It's weird.

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@aktivity: Andromeda's entire premise is set up to let them sidestep all of that stuff. If they want to tell another Milky Way story post-ME3, they'll have to choose a canon ending, but for now they're off the hook.

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Looking forward to fucking up in completely different ways.

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What a weird franchise. It's hard to believe KH2 came out over a decade ago. They've managed to fill the time - and keep KH in the public consciousness - with prequels and interquels, which you'd think would be hard but isn't because KH's metaphysics are loopy enough to justify ANYTHING. Still, that's a long time for a series to sustain itself without forward momentum. That it's retained to fanbase is a testament to the strength of the original concept, probably.

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I think it's fair to say that the Paragon/Renegade system was limiting in many ways, the largest being that it forced the writers to think in simple binary terms, and therefore to arrange their story scenarios to accommodate said terms. Plenty of choice-y games use moral binaries as guiding principles, Witcher 3 included, but by leaving those principles hidden and opaque, the writers retain the freedom to go off script. Mass Effect couldn't do that because it's tied into a rigid system that was itself plugged into several other systems. Worse, by codifying it as a metagame of accruing alignment points, they also compromised player agency by encouraging them to min-max the system, effectively reducing the number of actual choices you make. Everything is in those games is telling you to go all-in in one direction. That's where we got the meme of players sleepwalking their way through dialogue scenes, just up-righting or down-righting choices as their chosen alignment demanded, and no one chose the middle-right option because why the fuck would you. You aren't getting points for that, then when Tali gets exiled from the Fleet because you weren't Paragon enough, you only have yourself to blame.

They got better at using this system throughout the series, but in my opinion only because the writers discovered their shackles and began to rage against them. ME3 separating alignment from speech checks was, I feel, their acknowledgment that the system wasn't working as intended, though their solution in that game was more of a half-measure than complete overhaul. The obvious next step was to toss the system altogether, which they've done for Andromeda. Everyone wins.

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You did it, man. You got through FFIX's late-game twist! Barring two more totally out-of-nowhere plot developments in the final dungeon (the Crystal and Necron), it's pretty much smooth sailing to credits, story-wise.

It was cool seeing that you responded to the You're Not Alone segment that way. I feel every FF has one of those transcendent moments that make even the weird bullshit tolerable in retrospect. In the games you've played, I'd say VII has the resolution to Cloud's arc in the Lifestream, VIII has the GARDEN BATTLE, and IX has You're Not Alone. If you ever get around to the PS2 or PS3 entries, I'll be curious to see what makes that kind of impression on you.

You mentioning Zidane and Vivi peeing over a ledge uncorked a truly ghastly thought in my head, I thought you should know: if Vivi is capable of urination, does he have anything down there? Is it made from black ghost smoke like the rest of him?