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@probablytuna: It's more that Marston was being an errand boy for shitty people in exchange for favors that they clearly have no intention of reimbursing, as is the custom in Rockstar games.

I got the impression that having three protagonists in GTAV was their attempt to get away from that, by allowing for more self-motivated missions, but you still do a whole lot of thankless dirty work for obvious scumbags in that game.

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@humanity: If it makes you feel better (and, frankly, it sounds like you need to feel better), you can choose to view the critical backlash against Watch Dogs as the impotent bleating of games press outlets which have been confronted - like movie critics in the wake of a Transformers film - with the limits of their own influence. Watch Dogs sold very well, not just for a new IP but for anything, and its metacritic average is hovering somewhere around 80.

I wouldn't touch Watch Dogs with a ten-foot pole, but the game is, by any metric that Ubisoft gives a shit about, a smashing success.

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I like the idea of this series, but the whole self-flagellation shtick (i.e. but my taste is clearly horrible, this game I love is obviously poop pressed onto a disc) wears thin pretty fast. I realize when people do that, they're trying to head off criticism by taking their detractors' words out of their mouths, but it just comes off sounding weasely and unconfident.

So you like games everyone else hates... Well, don't apologize for it. Fucking own that shit!

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Glad you enjoyed it. I really liked it too. The bit at the end was moving for me, but I was especially impressed by the mileage they managed to get out of such simple controls. Looking back, I am floored by the breadth of shit I did in that game just by twiddling some sticks: I murdered a giant spider, flew a hang glider, rode a goat...

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What's that hanging over your head? A dark cloud of fatalism about never getting anyone to read your stuff? Duder, have I been there.

After finishing my first novel, I went through query letter hell last year. After a few promising leads, I eventually came up with nothing. Zero agents who wanted to publish my book. It was disheartening as hell, but I eventually just had to accept something: this is my first novel. There is literally no time in my writing career that I will be as shitty as I am right now. Many novels don't ever get published no matter how hard the author worked; first novels, the odds are even worse. I am still incredibly proud of what I wrote, but ultimately, in the face of failure, I had to reconsider that entire novel as a purely instructional exercise.

I'm working on another novel now, and baking in all the hard lessons I learned from my first. Going pretty well, so far. It's pretty amazing how much the act of just starting something new can lift the spirit. Writing appeals to me for much the same reason that reading does: I get to visit new worlds, meet new people. And I'm knee deep in a whole lot of new shit right now, so that's pretty great.

Anyway, I'm glad that your second post seems more optimistic, because self-doubting writers always pique my empathy. Just keep writing what you like, duder. That's what I'm going to do: write what I like, because writing brings me joy. And if someone decides to hand me a six-figure advance for it, then that'd be nice too.

(Also, before turning to self-pub, try by any means available to get a literary agent. Fuck how daunting it looks, just do it! If you don't already have a following who will seek your work out, self-pub is a huge crapshoot, as I'm sure you know.)

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Wow. I come back from vacation and GB now has two new employees. Welcome!

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I don't consume any Polygon content besides Griffin McElroy's Overview videos - essentially shorter, more focused Quick Looks - so no real opinion on what the site has lost. Here's hoping this Russ Pitts guy lands on his feet. Games writing isn't exactly the most opportune of professional fields.

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Oh my god is that FUCKING RIKI in that last picture? I hate that motherfucker's whole species. They should all die in a fire, along with whomever started the genre precedent that keeps placing insufferable mascot characters (except Teddie) into my jrpgs.

Oh, but otherwise Xenoblade Chronicles X looked sweet, though.

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Looks neato. Console jrpgs just don't get made in the numbers that they used to, so I could see this pushing me into buying a Wii U, eventually.