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I think he is an good analyst, makes decent predictions and is entertaining to listen to.

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I like the artstyle.

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Wow, that video is really unpleasant to watch, feel bad for those guys.

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I can now play subscriber videos at 360p as an Australian with the new video player, before I couldn't even load the first few frames of a video here.

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^What this guy said + more opinion than description. What did you like, what did you dislike and what parts do you think have potential but need to be improved. Try to write about parts of the game that stuck out to you instead of trying to cover all bases. Another challenge for your next piece would be to try and be as concise as possible, try and get across your point in the least amount of words as possible. It's quite challenging but, if you can get a grip on it your writing will stand out against everyone else's. Another thing I would add at the end is a setence or two about the game and whether or not you think it's worth checking out / following it's development.

There are definitely some positives to your work; your vocabulary is decent and clearly have the drive to put out a big piece like this, which is not a common trait. Keep up the good work and I am looking forward to your next piece.

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Only if it's first person would I be interested but, it's running on the Hero on the hero engine so it's probably going to be lame.

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I actually really appreciated parts of Black Ops, and preferred it to MW3. So it's really nice to see them do something different both with the story and gameplay, looking forward to seeing what comes out of E3.

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I'm with Bigpond (Telstra) and it is slow as fuck, I download videos at less than 1KB/s. Didn't Dave end up calling an ISP in Ireland or something for a similar issue?

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So have we officially decided on Yak's Bend as the server we are playing on? Are we going to get a guild going and stuff too? I can pretty much guarantee you that they will be available for creation on the weekend.

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Great interview, I always love to see how genuinely enthusiastic Peter Molyneux is.