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Yo Ryan. Real talk dog, real talk.

I love you bro.

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Fuck all y'all, I hope it's L4D3.

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Great work, Jan. Someone should be giving you money for this.

Hint hint.

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As creepy as I find the hobby of collecting sexy anime dolls, I find these long, drawn-out reviews infinitely more so. Especially the uncomfortable and continuous pans of the entire model.

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There is no way you will get Jeff Gerstmann and Ryan Davis to sit down in a podcast booth and discuss more Mass Effect 3. And I totally don't blame them. Even as a long-time fan of the series (and as someone who doesn't give a shit either way about the ending), I just want that game to go away.

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@Napalm: Oh relax.

So ready for more Borderlands. Also, Gearbox released a "love letter" to PC players claiming that all of the issues from the first game's port will be addressed in the sequel. Whether that actually happens remains to be seen.

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This is the best thing to happen to Star Wars in YEARS.

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As other people have mentioned, having Rorie as a guest on the Bombcast would be cool. I'd like to at least know what's next for the guy, even if whatever that is is completely unrelated to Giant Bomb.

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This is weird.

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Phil Fish is an asshole. Forget what he said about the Japanese game market, the guy is just an asshole. Have you seen his Twitter?

I will not be buying Fez regardless of its quality, because I don't want my money going to someone I know is an asshole.