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@xyzygy said:

I don't really see why porting it over would be detrimental

Development/publishing time and cost vs. potential sales and profit?

Ehh, just contract out to Iron Galaxy.

I wonder if Sega is just waiting to see if Microsoft will quickly abandon the 360. Since this could be spring/summer 2015, Microsoft may have completely closed the 360 down while Sony probably will have another PS3 revision.

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@joshth said:

I have a PS4, 360, and a Vita, but not a PS3. I have no reason to get a PS3 unless Persona 5 only comes out there, so I really really hope that doesn't happen.

My guess is it would show up in PS Now so you should be fine with a PS4.

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Nintendo last year released more amazing games than any other publisher and it isn't really close. Life is weird.

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Sony could just sell the movie rights of Spiderman back to Disney and pay its way out of anything. This is just foolish.

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Lego Marvel because its has Baker's Loki.

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This is likely due to Disney now being in control and being Disney doing Disney things.

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Shadowrun is missing.

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@jeffrud: I haven't really delved too much into them. Everything has a demo though so you can gt a sample. They just had a 50% off sale after Thanksgiving so they may have another after Christmas.

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Since she likes VNs they are some. Chrsitine Love's games have been mentioned. There are also Hanako games like Magical Diary and Long Live the Queen. Winterwolves has been making VNs and VNs cross RPGs for a while: www.winterwolves.com. (A company that still can't get onto steam despite having shipped numerous games).