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Protected the Baby- Obvious choice

Covered Luke- I generally play these games pretty practically

Didn't go with Mike- Those characters all sucked and wouldn't quit bitching

Shot Kenny- This is where I seem to differ with other people in this thread. I knew that baby was still alive and she was setting that whole thing up. However I also knew Kenny was at the end of his rope and Jane didn't deserve to die.

Alone with the baby- Based on my read of the previous situation it was only natural though that I still told Jane to fuck off. I wanted her alive, just not with me.

Also gotta say I thought the endings were pretty weak. Choosing to let Kenny live turning into the happy endings seemed completely counter intuitive to his entire character development. The Jane endings just seemed really impotent. And the ending I got, alone with the baby, was the most pointless scene in the entire episode.

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Welcome duders!

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@corruptedevil: It resets back to what you entered the backdoor with once you leave.

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Yeah looks like I'm gonna have to start over. That's sort of a bummer, there should always be an access point available before a combat encounter.

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@jesus_phish: Retry puts me in the backdoor, and for some reason the only path out of the door is directly into a combat encounter. It's Jallaford Square, right after Transistor starts experiencing that weird feeling.

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So I accidentally made load and jaunt my two main functions and the only place i can go in the game is directly into a combat encounter where I literally cannot deal any damage. I have access to the backdoor as well but it doesn't seem like changing your loadout in the practice room sticks once you leave the backdoor. Do I just have to restart the whole game?

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It's ok. It's a bit less than usual from an EU expansion and I'm kinda bummed they didn't nerf the colonial powers so South America isn't entirely yellow by 1550.

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My condolences to his friends and family. He will be remembered.

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@manicmyna: The update is probably going to take it out since the DRM is already built into the system. I'm pretty sure most countries have laws against marketing your product a certain way than slipping in a software update that takes it all back. The scary thing is they could easily turn the DRM back on anytime in the future, say once physical game sales are completely dead or the market stops caring about these DRM policies.