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@onemanarmyy: I was under the impression that the W101 demo was a horrible indication of the full version? I'm sure I remember many people saying so around the time of the demos release.

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Beta goes live at 1:00PM EST. Only PC players can pre-load it, as far as I know.

This dude speaks the truth.

The Verge article.

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I know it recently dropped it's monthly subscription but you still have to buy the base game. On my local video game buy and sell I noticed someone selling ESO for PS4 used for $45. My question is, will the potential buyer of this used disc be prompted to buy a new ESO key($69.99CDN) when they try and create a new account for it?

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Amazing .gif of Ryan via Brad Muir's Twitter account.


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Come on Bombcast! Can't wait to listen and play some MH3U on Wii U.

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A couple of guitar reviewer's take a look at the Hatsune Miku guitar pedal and barely keep it together. Given Giantbomb's glorious association with the Hatsune Miku brand, I thought some of you duders would get a kick out of it.

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It involves you controlling a spaceship in a 2d shooter. I think it had anime style artwork, metroidvania like and might be XONE exclusive. I think it was Jeff and maybe the creators of the game in the video. Galatic X or something?

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Good luck with your future endeavours Patrick. I've been a fan ever since I first saw you on the 1UP Show talking about Fallout 3. Also, I'm totally the one who first mentioned the bong on Alex's shelf lol. Hope he didnt get into much trouble.