Adieu my friends, i bid you all farewell, My name was Endogene

My name is Endogène,

 I'm the 6th most important contributor to out of a total of 42985 members with a total of 57329 points that i got on 3523 different pages. I joined the site July 21, 2008, the day the site was launched. Including this final blog post i will have posted 3858 comments on the site. I am in the top 10 poster rank of both the "delete and combine" forum and the "editing and tools" forum. After I was chosen to become a moderator I moderated over 6000 submissions and posted  232 times in the "moderation hangout" placing 3rd on the top poster list. Today i turn my back to this all.

I've genuinely enjoyed the countless hours I've spend on Giant Bomb. I loved helping out others, I loved adding information for others to see, I loved all the silliness of the forums and the great personalities that visit them yet i do no longer want this all.

My name is Endogène

When i first visited the forums things where wild, uncertain, nothing was decided, no rules existed same was for the Wiki part of the site, the one promoted to be the big feature of GiantBomb that was buried under submissions that moderators who were chosen out of those who had the most points in the early hours that the site launched. I've got the my first real attention by defending non censured images from adult games, most notably Bible Black. I've spend days saying that if the site wants to be a encyclopedia it should allow everything without exception be it offending or not while being yelled at and called names by others before finally a staff member came out with a small message saying that it was an okay thing to do. I then gained some more popularity helping others out with wiki related questions and moving data over from duplicate pages. It was great being a meaningful part of something constructive on such a big scale.
Once i had hit 5000 points i started adding new pages to the site at alarming speeds so that users who did not already had 5K points whould have pages that they could work on without having to wait on moderation. I continued working on the wiki to a point that i reached the top 100 that was crowded with people who gamed the system be it by bugs or willingly. I was proud, my name on that page meant that i had helped others out.
As i continued working on wiki pages my rank as my "notoriety" climbed, I was never afraid to defend what i believe in and and take on  the things I oppose. I've often got into conflict with other users due to this, however I am proud of the amount of self control and objectivity i've shown during these arguments and that I have never verbally disrespected others. 
During my stay on GiantBomb I've done my best promoting games that needed attention by either posting about them or filling in their wiki articles as good as i could, I was always proud and happy once i was done making a wiki page for a game yet sad at the same time since i knew that if i did not do it nobody would...
After some months I as well as another two users were added to the moderation team, two wiki mods, one forum mod. I delved into the submission queue checking everyone of the for plagiarism and correcting them if needed, i would always leave a detailed comment for the users explaining when i would deny a submission explaing how they should do it next time. At the end all my effort was for nothing, the reply function of the moderation queue was broken since the site launched, nobody told me... I was upset.

My name is Endogène

I am tired, tired of seeing so much of everyone their effort being wasted. GiantBomb is supposed to be a community site, yet it's founders neglect it all together. How is a community supposed to prosper if it's founders do not support it? It pains me to see users troubled with the site, asking it's creators directly for change, proposing ideas be they hard or simple to implement and seeing no word what so ever from these founders to a point that the mods have to come over and to say the GiantBomb team is but small and can't take care of everything. I agreed with those who said that when the site was created but seeing the same issue still exist now that the site has almost hit its one year mark makes it hard for me to believe that they even care. GiantBomb's business model seems to be to pump out as many different features as possible that will lure new users in but by doing this they are neglecting what their core, the people who invest their personal time in making the site what it is want. The never ending trivia and the achievement feature might be nice but there are so many things that actually matter that need to be done.
After I had become a moderator I've done nothing but try and make the founders realize the things that were absolutely needed being fixed, added, clarified all in vain. Never did the founders even answered my request even when supported by the other moderators, the only time i had contact with one of them is when i started doing what they had always neglected out of my own, delete duplicate page. I used the tool that allowed us moderators to rename game pages to change duplicate games into games that were not yet added to the database. I got a message asking what i was doing and after explaining how i was "deleting" pages I was told that it was okay to do. Afterwards i discussed it with the other mods and we stumbled upon some cases where this method might break the site. I messaged the founder again asking if i still had green light  ot use this method despite the risky pages, i never got an answer and thus found myself uncertain if i could continue or not, I had no choice then stop. With pain I would see the list of pages that needed to be deleted more and more. As time passes more issues rise, the community discusses them, proposes solutions, no answer, nothing happens... Do the founders live in a tower so high above ground that they do only see clouds under them and not those below struggling?

My name is Endogène

No longer will I stay here, no longer will i accept this behavior towards those who support you. I hope that I will be the only one who has to leave for you to understand that they way you are neglecting your core is unacceptable. I hope that you will see reason and that GiantBomb will become what it is supposed to be, a community site!

For what is a man, what has he got?
If not himself, then he has naught.
To say the things he truly feels
And not the words of one who kneels.
The record shows I took the blows
And did it my way!

My name was Endogène!



Bob's game Demo 1 impression

So after going viral for 100 days Pelloni finally released a demo for Bob's game (you can download it here). I just finished it... well read that i was just a minigame removed from the end of the demo so lets say I finished it.

Graphically i think the game looks somewhat poor this mainly being due to the camera being far away from the characters making all the objects on already small upper screen even smaller. By having such a far away camera you cant see any detail in the objects making everything look extremely basic and bland. Guess it is more a style issue here, some people might like it.

One great thing about this game is how it uses the lower screen, it is used as a "real time" zone map. You will see all the other characters moving on it which is pretty neat to see.

The demo is actually rather short, if you know what you have to do my guess is that you can beat in in less than 3 minutes if it was not for that minigame at the end. The demo is a prequel chapter to the game that happens 5 years before the first chapter.

The protagonist Yuu just moved to a new place, the house is filled with moving boxes that still have to be unboxed. Yuu's mother will ask him to go and look for the batteries which after a couple of events he manages to get. After handing over the batteries his mother lets him outside and tells him to go and play with the neigbours kid. Yuu shows him his faux-gameboy (forgot the name) and the neighbors kid will ask Yuu to play it. Here the bottom screen becomes a faux-gameboy with a tetris escque game on it called Tetrid. Tetrid is really hard since it gives you pretty unconventional block shapes to stack up. Once you managed to beat tetrid (50 lines needs, 500 points) the faux gameboy will freeze to which the neighbors kids says that even the devs could not finishes their own game. The game skips to a cut scene in which Bob is shown starting to work on a new game that will be "even Better than Gantendo's classic Tetrid". End of demo.

The cool thing about the game is that there are plenty of easter eggs hidden and quite some video game references. I am not blown away by it but it is pretty nice, the concept and plot are quite interesting so i wonder what the next demo will show us.


Giant Haduken Turbo HD Remix Tournament (templates)

Announcement thread:

Sign up thread:

Tournament Thread:

Template for inscription thread

                 ------- The Giant Haduken Turbo HD Remix Tournament is open for registration -------

The Giant Haduken Turbo HD Remix Tournament is a tournament for the members of Giant Bomb for both the 360 and the PS3 version on Super Street Fighter HD remix.

How to sign up

In order to join you'll have to post a message in this thread with the following information. You have up to January 15th 12:00 GMT.
  • Your Giant Bomb user name
  • The console you will playing on (you may join with both consoles)
  • Your XBOX live/ PSN username
  • Your Time Zone.

Tournament Organisation

The 15th of January when inscription closes a grid with all the contestants will be posted on the forums, the contestants being placed on the grid according to their time zone to limit the influence of lag in the games. Every contestant will be sent a PM in pair with their opponent for the first match. In this PM will be the fighters' XBOX Live/ PSN user names so that they can start their match. From this point on the contestants have until January 23th 12:00 GMT to meet up with their opponent and fight their first match.

When a match is fought the winner will post in the PM i initially send to inform me of the outcome from where i will update the grid. If a opponent does not show up for the fight or is unavailable for some reason before the dead line of the first fight the other fighter should reply in the original PM with the match data saying so, that contestant will be declared winner once the dead line hits if the other fighter did not respond or when the other fighter declares forfeit out of his own.

Some fights will probably be finished before the first dead line and will allow the second match in the grid to be fought immediately. If this happen i will send a PM to the contestants with the match data.

Once the first dead line hits a new one will come into action for the second round of fights.

Wild cards

If ever you happen to lose in the first round of fights you still have to chance to grab one of the few wild cards available to get back on the game. Wild Card games will follow the same rules as normal fight. The number of wild cards available will vary according to the number of contestants.

Tournament Rules

All the matches of the Giant Haduken Turbo HD Remix Tournament with the exception of the finals will be fought with the following rule:
  • Best out of 3 rounds (first to win 2 rounds)

The final will be fought with:
  • Best out of 5 rounds (first to win 3 rounds)

Registered fighters

  • XBOX 360 Contestants

Giant Bomb user name:XBOX Live user name Time Zone

  • Playstation 3 Contestants

Giant Bomb user name:PSN user nameTime Zone

First match PM template

                 ------- The Giant Haduken Turbo HD Remix Tournament has begun -------

Good luck on your first fight, please reply the result of the match in this post. Once i receive the results i will update the grid (insert link to tournament thread).

  • Fight number: 1
(?) VS (?)

  • Contestant information
(?) XBOX live user name: (?)
(?) XBOX live user name: (?)

  • Dead line

Info PM

The Giant Haduken Turbo HD remix Tournament is now open of registration. You will find all the information about how the tournament will happen and how to sign up in the "sign up thread".

Sign up thread:


List of Wii specific Concepts

Since wii game have quite a number of unique control and gameplay concept i've decided to make up a check list that can be used when ever someone is working on the concept page of a wii game.

Of course this list is a work in progress so if you have the feeling something is missing please leave a comment and i will add it to the list.

Controller options

Wii specific features

  • Do your created Miis appear in the game? if so: Mii support

Motion controls


  • Does the game allow you to voice chat with other users using Wii Speak? if so: Wii Speak support

  • In order to play online do you have to enter friend codes? If so: Friend codes



List of fighting game concepts.

Here is a list of common game play concept used in fighting games:

(This list is a work in progress and its aim is to help us add the correct concept to fighting games, i will update this list with your suggestions)


  • Can the player shoot of projectiles such as fireballs ? If so: Projectile

  • Is it possible to chain attack together in a way that the opponent can not counter attack? if so: Combo

  • Are there special attacks other than the standard kicks and punches like a fireball for example? if so: Special Attack

  • Is it possible to charge up a meter that once full will release an extremely powerful attack? if so: Super Meter

  • Is it possible to start an attack and to transform it into another attack? if so: Animation Cancelling

  • Can you grab your opponent when he is close to you? if so: grapple

  • When you and your opponent are both in the air can you grab them? if so: Aerial Grapple


  • When you are guarding and a opponent attacks you is it possible to nullify his attack? if so: Guard Cancel

  • When a opponent is attacking and you are not guarding is it possible to nullify his attack? if so: Parrying

  • When taken a good beating can you trigger a special power up that will boost your attack? if so: Revenge Meter


  • When you attack an opponent and he is guarding does he still takes a small portion of the damage? if so: Chip Damage

  • (not sure if we should keep this one)? If so: Ducking

  • Is it possible to block an opponent? if so: Block

  • Is it possible to block attacks whilst in the air?: Needs concept page

  • Is it possible to evade an opponent attack?(needs some clarification) if so: Dodge

  • when airborne can you evade an opponent attack.(needs some clarification) if so: Aerial Dodge


  • Can you jump? if so: Jump

  • Is it possible to jump whilst airborne? if so: Double Jump

  • Is it possible to sprint towards your opponent? if so: Dash

  • Is it possible to side step/circle around your opponent? (needs clarification) if so: Side Step


  • Is it possible to taunt the opponent? If so: Taunt

multi-plane gameplay

Double KO

Flawless victory