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Enjoyed the game a lot on the Vita. Way better game and main character than AC3.

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PS4 version has been running great for me since the Xbone launched. China Rising downloaded without a hitch and I played each map once. I get the occasional crash, but nothing like it was. I haven't tried the PC version since the PS4 came out.

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PSN name is Ringwraith. Just applied through the COD app on iPad.

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@finaldasa: that makes me feel better about BF4.

I pretty sure financially I'll be able to get 2 games now and came to a decision to go with Dead Rising 3 and Battlefield 4. Assassins Creed 4 looks so tempting though.

Uhm, EA/Dice already retracted their statement about the 1.5 firmware. The issues are totally on their end. They still haven't fixed the PC side of things either. I would expect BF4 to be hot garbage on Xbone, just like it is on PS4 right now.

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@ravelle: They unlock every couple of levels. Check your profile on the Battlelog.com

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Capra Demon hates lightning. Apply some yellow resin to your weapon just before entering the fog and he will go down real real quick.

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@fobwashed: More emblem materials unlock in battlepacks. I got a Strohs lion one.

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@rolyatkcinmai: Sent you a PM to be added to the list. Origin ID is EnemaEms. :)

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I'm EnemaEms on Origin and will be happy to donate to the server fund. How do I do that?