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Fuck that guy. And fuck Ninja Theory. And fuck Capcom. And fuck DmC.

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@Cloudenvy: I've been meaning to ask you, is your avatar the snake chick from Bakemono? It looks so familiar but I can't put my finger on it...

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@crusader8463 said:

As long as it doesn't break their original promise of never taking anything away that we used to get for free I'm fine with it. When they try to use a technicality like renaming stuff we used to get in a new package to try and circumvent that promise however, I don't care for it. In the case of that PC show, changing the name, adding an iterative number to the end and making it longer doesn't change that it's still just live quicklooks/quicklook throwbacks.

And to all the hate replies I will get for posting the above, I don't care what you think or why you think differently. That's my opinion on what they are doing, and I know I'm right and that you're wrong. Just like you know you're right and that I'm wrong. So let's leave all the name calling and childish insults for the kids on the playground and x-box live.

EDIT: Somehow missed the other part of the OP's question. I found their old members only system was really nothing more than a glorified donate button, as none of the added features were of any use to me.

I think the BRP idea is neat, but my understanding of how it works currently is that you need to be watching 24/7 and hope that you catch something live. I think to make that really cool they should take all/some of the best conversations that happen and upload them to the site in an archived format for members only. Make it a weekly/Bi-weekly segment for members. That way they will get the people always begging for more random videos of them in the office screwing around to subscribe. As that will fill the void of those style of videos we used to get from back in the old days.

You must have not been loved as a child...

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No, that game is garbage. Get SC2 and play custom DOTA games on that instead.

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@Enigma777 said:

I'm on Ch 2. The weapons are so fun. Love that Melta Gun especially.

im on chapter 4 and i didnt find the Melta (thats the shotgun right?), wtf :( just the lancer, the sniper one and the grenades you can detonate at will one :/

We may be confusing Chapters with Acts here. Did you get to the part where you're in the sewers? Cause I think I picked it up around that point.

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Can't wait to see this idea crash and burn. Oh wait, too late...

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Nah, I just want more Kinect carriage simulation magic. Oh yeah baby! Smack that horse!

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I'm on Ch 2. The weapons are so fun. Love that Melta Gun especially.

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Not a lot. It's all about the size of the tits.

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@Bocam: Well that's a bit too late cause I just got my copy. Guess I'll have to form my own opinion for once instead of blindly following others' :(