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This is a pretty hilarious list.

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Can somebody tell me what happens that is so shitty? I can't find it and have no interest in playing it. But I keep hearing it's shit.

You kill the bad guy (the main one from Killzone 3, except all old and shit), and then your handler, who you've known the entire time was a backstabbing, crazy, fucker magically appears behind you and kills you. The last mission interrupts the credits and you play as your Helghast (sort of) buddy as she infiltrates a park and sets up a sniper position from which she assassinates the handler that betrayed you. Roll remaining credits. I think it was more dumb than it was horrible and embarrassing.

Dumb, yes, but definitely not as dumb as Killzone 3's ending. I doubt many things in video game narratives are truly as dumb as Killzone 3's ending.

As completely dumb as the KZ3 ending was, at least it had some measure of closure. You save Earth from the Helghast invasion even if you accidentally blew up Helghan to do it.

Bit in Shadow Fall, you literally walk into a room, the bad guy gives you 10 seconds of exposition then he gets shot by your clearly insane Mentor and then you get 2 in chest yourself. That's it! I honestly can't think of a more anticlimactic ending in any video game...

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Originally my title was "I thought all the reviews were BS... and then I played the final mission."

I hope that makes more sense.

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Um... uh... Killer Instinct? Actually don't add me till Titanfall comes out! I won't be turning it on till then.

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I don't get it. What's wrong with it?

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Even if some of the SP gameplay was uninspired (I'm look at you "Destroy defense platform" objective!) I thought it was still pretty cool. There were some awesome set pieces and some absolutely gorgeous environments.

And then I played the final level. What the fuck Guerrilla?! How are you gonna try to pass off that shit-turd sandwich as an ending and then roll the credits?! And then stop the credits and give me one of the most boring missions ever that also has a shit-turd sandwich ending and then walk off like it's all cool.

By comparison, Rico is a goddamn bastion of humanity. Ugh. Just ugh.

Good thing the MP is pretty good, even if the maps feel super tiny.

3/5 (Yes, I took a whole point off cause of that shitty ending. Deal with it.)

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I'm really digging remote play on mine. However I'd wait for that PSV Slim to come out here though. That OLED screen on the OG is hot garbage!

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Cheating is an art and I was a master at it.

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How do you put it in Suspend mode? All I can find is the Turn Off option...

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Why would people wanna play as girls? Ewww.