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If I had to choose from your list, I'd go with Persona 4 Golden just because it is an amazing JRPG.

If I can deviate from your list, I will say that I just recently got a Vita myself and have sunk over 60 hours into Dragon's Crown and plan to sink a lot more. That game did not appeal to me on the PS3, but it is amazing for a action-packed dungeon romp during lunch.

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So glad I found this thread - only learned about the White Whale and Community Chests tonight. Added most of you, for those I didn't, you can add me via UPlay: ChrisEnigmatic

Looking forward to spotting chests, whales, fleets, and maybe even a game of Wolfpack or two (if anyone is up for it).

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I've been boiling over this news, trying to focus on work, and all I can say is... for the first time in a long time... I am genuinely hurt by this news. Giantbomb, and Ryan in particular, are like a family for me that I never had - they were with me during bad relationships and bad jobs. The Giantbombcast was my go-to when I would otherwise cry myself to sleep alone when I first moved out on my own.

This one hurts, duders. RIP good friend, you were truly amazing.

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@tennmuerti: honestly, no idea. It seems like there would be. Looking forward to investing more time this weekend.

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@bandit_fox: I would say if you're a fan of Diablo 3 or Torchlight 2, at the current sale price, definitely. I played both of those games to death and this game is definitely scratching that itch. And, inside Act 2, I think I was underestimating the experience I was expecting, but this next part I found really exciting:

At the beginning of Act 2, you get a Secret Lair, which acts as your base of operations. That Secret Lair has upgradeable components with items that you find doing various optional quests and exploring. One of the upgrade paths lets you rework the Weapon/Armor Crafting to produce an item of a specific type (gun, sword, armor, etc) with specific enchantments (melee-focused, ranged-focused, ect). Something that was sorely missed in Diablo 3 when RNG showed its ugly face.

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@cleric22: Yeah, the Van Helsing lore is really starting to show up in the second Act. That and I happen to be a sucker for steampunk and there appears to be plenty of that, as well.

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For a $13 ARPG, this game apes Diablo 3 and Torchlight 2 very nicely. I've been playing it for about 4 hours (just past ACT 1), and I'm finding it quite enjoyable. The voice acting is surprisingly well done, the graphics are nice (and grim), and the story is interesting (if not a little humorous here and there). Definitely scratching that ARPG itch with all the loot and the various stats and skills you can customize.

Came back to mention the game also enjoys throwing large amounts of enemies your way and is not shy to pour very powerful loot as well. The action gets to be quite enjoyable when you are ripping through 20+ guys with your sword or guns (along with your mouthy ghost companion).

I'm getting "Titan's Quest" vibes from the game... it's doing it's best to compete with Diablo's and Torchlight's and, again, for the price, it's doing a remarkable job.

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I'm kinda hitting this brick wall myself. Spent 5 consecutive deaths trying to kill that bastard rocket launcher dude in Bloodshot Stronghold. I imagine things would be better (if not more entertaining) with a group. I'll be trying to beat Playthrough 2 all weekend, if you or anybody else is looking for some company. I've got a Level 42 Commando with beastly turrets (that's plural).

If you remember, Playthrough 2 in the first Borderlands was a lot like this - really tough at the beginning, but then you'd find such godly gear and sway it back in your favor. Just gotta get over that hump.

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I was looking for a post like this. I've got a Level 41 Commando tearing through TVHM right now. Played the entire first Playthrough solo (to experience the story, see the sights, yada-yada), but like the first game, I'm now ready to totally partner up.

The specifics, I'm on Xbox 360 (NA, CST) as Functioning. I'm usually playing at night (Borderlands 2 is kinda my game right now) and will be on all weekend, most likely.

A mic is preferred and also friendly, cooperative duders (stick together, share loot, don't be an ass) - it is supposed to be a co-op experience after all.

I'm also totally up for Skill Challenges and the like, especially the co-op specific ones. I've completed most of the ones you can do on your own (including the level-specific ones), so I'd definitely be down to tackle the co-op ones.

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I pulled it off, but only with the luck of my turrets. I was definitely dry on ammo by the final wave (two Badass Constructors with Super Badass Loaders). I basically took cover behind a box on the far, far end of the arena and tossed my turrets out (spec'd for dual). I held my breath that entire round.