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A little unexpected 0

When I heard about this game about a year ago I was hyped and on board. The look is crisp and clean the adventurous addition of Parkour to get around the maps. The end result still has those aspects but the AI bots on your team are generally very dumb. The challenge maps are not too much of a challenge but you need to go threw them to get the attachment and gun unlocks (shouldn't take longer then a couple hours at most). The campaign isn't too bad if you play with people on your team, you will h...

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Spider-man four play 0

Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions is a decent Spider-Man game. Let me get the beefs out of the way. There were some times while playing that the lock on system just wouldn't work correctly and it would cause me to get slammed by the opponents or fall to my would be doom. I thought that the First Person fighting would feel hokey and out of place but it fit into the gameplay nicely and the boss battles were well done without being repetitive.  Being that the game was split up to 4 Spider-Men one wo...

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Darksiders 0

The best way to describe this is that it's Zelda where you murder everything. The basis of the game is that you are the Horseman War and the Apocalypse has been unleashed but not totally. There was a problem and you have been stripped of your powers and turned into a unwilling slave as punishment.  You have a multitude of weapons and tools from a Sword up to a hook shot that you can use to pull opponents closer to you or you closer to them (depending on the size). You can purchase new abilities ...

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Dead Rising 2 Review 0

In Dead Rising 2 you play as Chuck Greene an ex-motocross champion whose daughter was bitten by a zombie. He must participate in a game show "Terror is Reality" to buy Zombrex for his daughter to keep her from changing. Chuck is blamed for causing the outbreak in Fortune City The leveling system has been changed from the first game to add weapon combinations to increase your leveling rather then taking candid zombie shots or Psycho pictures. You get additional points for using a combination weap...

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