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i reached the end of the game at about lvl 73 and decided to farm up to lvl 120 by helping ppl kill the last 2 bosses , (holy crap 400+k for a ng+ moon prescence kill)

long story short i pumped to 40 arcane and have been having alot of fun with the spells but the actual weapon scaling was disaapointing, at least with the holy blade .

short story long, the default scaling with 30 str and 25 seems to give alot mroe damage my bonus to phys is 380+ and i get about 233 arcane bonus with 18% arcane and 45 points in the stat (only because i dont have multiple stacking arcane gems and i can stack phys up much easier. mabye ill get more gems in ng+ to fix this) .. but then again i really dont know the extent of enemy resistances in the game as i assume more things have resistance to physical attacks than anything else.

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i missed out on eileens prey , going to have fun with themn on ng+ eheh , ill make sure to bring some anti healing items

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if you know theres a secret ending with hidden requirements you already spoiled something .. didnt you ?

anyway yeah its kind of hard to not get if you explore everything (and kill npcs for science lol im terrible, i went and killed the blind guy in the chapel before i finished the game "just incase" , probably didnt need to do that)

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the ammo use on the flamespayer (tm) can get crazy fast , but with oil urns yeah this weapon can be pretty powerful, boosted qs bullets with the cannon would be overpowered as fuck but it uses 10 bullets a shot :/

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haha i fought him like 3 times TRYING to push him off and he wouldnt , then the one time i had him down to 10% health he jumped off himself , but the badge was easily accessible

does anyone recognize this weapon from armored core ? :)

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haha happened to me in another place i was like fuuuck , i think its tendency/insight based and we will find out later but for now watch the fuck out for those things hehe

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@mr_fahrenheit10: ouch hate that stuck in wall shit happened to me right at the end of the abyss

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can you re arm the flamethrower or does hard mode just not fucking give you any ammo on beard's levels i couldn't seem to find any , or is it just not highlighted anymore?

hard modes kicking my ass so far i ragequit the container ship level but came back to beat it this morning oh god that room with the 4 patrol fattys ,

im not looking forward to any more evan levels, the first one i pretty much had to force him to use lethal force, and oh god the fuckign prison level , ack ..

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@bradbrains: thanks for sharing , although i don't relate to facebook, i totally understand what you are going for .. i have a friend that is going through a horrible time in their life right now and has deleted twitter from their phone in an attempt to avoid all the reminders of people continuing their normal lives and having fun etc .. but at the same time they are upset because the friends that haven't circumvented twitter to get through are seen to "not care" or "showing their true colors" .. its difficult .. and painful .. i am still in touch and there to help but it hurts watching them close themselves off like that when it made them so happy to tweet all the time etc ..

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best thing is the new weather forecasts