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@jazzylament:I absolutely love that theory , but one small detail that may change your interpretation is that the ceo eventually moves out of the way of the window if you wait long enough

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yes ... perfect ... mary would just have to take a pay cut and move to new york ... that is indeed the definition of a perfect fit

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get a steambox lol (just kidding) , well a small form factor pc , will be a tiny bit more clunky than a laptop but alot more cost effective , you could have an enclosure that clamps onto the back of a monitor etc..or one of those ones that looks like a gamecube.

I wouldn't want to limit your future game choices but from the games you listed i think you'd be fine with integrated graphics (or the cheapest available graphics card)

or you can get an overpriced laptop to irradiate your balls with. (or as suggested a several-year-old model that fits your performance needs)

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19 hours into my first game , cant help but feel alot of the systems and mechanics in the game feel very flat , but i know from experience that they will mostly overhaul these systems with the multiple expansion dlcs that i expect to come down the line , it mildly depressing to know that the dlc is such a core part of their business strategy now (with ck2 and eu4 progressing much the same way) .. but honestly I expected all of this , and im happy to have the base game available.

also .. 19 hours in and I still haven't gone to war yet because i got lucky? and have a pretty large section of space to call my own (waiting with butt puckered for late game events) .. im so used to ignoring victory conditions in paradox games, feels weird to even have them there.

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pretty sure people used to lifegems in ds2 will feel a bit short on heals too , it just makes heal miracles more important .. oh how glorious it is when my host heals me , or when a gracious npc invader drops a warmth pyromancy and lets me heal while i kill him :)

if you want a bit more bloodborne there are some rings later on that have various effects to regain hp from combat , I haven't tested them out yet but it might be fun to play a "hunter" build

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Ouch i spent ages farming 30 wolf's blood swordgrass from enemies (because the coveneant mechanics are terrible) .

I kept dumping points into luck as i went to increase the drop chance but it still took forever , by the end i was lvl 77 with 53 points in luck , when i respecced it into actual stats i felt so overpowered , didnt help too much on aldrich tho :/

edit(the wolf ring was worth the grind)

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yeah i had a tough time coming from bloodborne , the regain/rally and the 20 bloodvial limit feels very generous now , i feel a bit short on estus even near endgame with 10 estus and 2 ash :/ this is dark souls

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i reached the end of the game at about lvl 73 and decided to farm up to lvl 120 by helping ppl kill the last 2 bosses , (holy crap 400+k for a ng+ moon prescence kill)

long story short i pumped to 40 arcane and have been having alot of fun with the spells but the actual weapon scaling was disaapointing, at least with the holy blade .

short story long, the default scaling with 30 str and 25 seems to give alot mroe damage my bonus to phys is 380+ and i get about 233 arcane bonus with 18% arcane and 45 points in the stat (only because i dont have multiple stacking arcane gems and i can stack phys up much easier. mabye ill get more gems in ng+ to fix this) .. but then again i really dont know the extent of enemy resistances in the game as i assume more things have resistance to physical attacks than anything else.

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i missed out on eileens prey , going to have fun with themn on ng+ eheh , ill make sure to bring some anti healing items

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if you know theres a secret ending with hidden requirements you already spoiled something .. didnt you ?

anyway yeah its kind of hard to not get if you explore everything (and kill npcs for science lol im terrible, i went and killed the blind guy in the chapel before i finished the game "just incase" , probably didnt need to do that)