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best thing is the new weather forecasts

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@mogigrumbles: i really liked stumbling across that track in the editor :) , make that pad so dreamy why dont you

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hehe my first time using the full suite , id reeealy love more control over the drums , i guess i can edit the loops somehow externally , mabye they will add a tool and team workshop support for custom loops.

also some inbuilt compression on the synths would be nice , while tweaking the advanced settings its easy to overdrive things too much.

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@golguin: i was just responding to the earlier comment ,(not by you) that there was an average of 20 cracked redeye orbs per playthrough

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@golguin: theres still other ways for dueling , but not unlimited invading ,its way more than 20 tho sheit , up your drop rate:)

and grats on lost sinner :) i found it to be an easier version of artorias , and ive farmed her a bunch of times now , the patterns become pretty easy to read.

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i thought you meant do they work for you on an entertainment level ehe

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for pyromancy try flame swathe or lingering flame , i have 2 flame swathes taking up 4 attunement slots but its worth it for a goto nuke , it makes a joke out of a certain boss with fire weakness , and in gneral it feels less spammy and you at least have to plant the "bombs" itelligently , that being said its pretty great when staring down giant bastards with giant shields that are just baiting you to come close and lingering flame is just godlike when you cast it right before being swarmed heh

also i was saving a ridiculous amount of souls when i got to sl 120 , but ive since given in and gone to 150 , migth stop there but im having fun playign with all the weapons ive found , and ive use alot of soul vessels already.

keep us posted i want to hear how lategame enemies start treating you hehe

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ironicly most normal enemies are giving me more pain in ng++ (just ng+ but i used a bunch of ascetics) than any of the bosses, im sad that im gonna have to resort to cheesy tactics and cant really justify 2hand no shield melee fighting everything ever again :( , find myself running for the safety of a boss room more often than not now. sucks when the boss has friends

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sounds like you're in for more fun later on , im havin fun with ng++ now so i can imagine ng company of champs isnt that nasty but some bosses are definately complete dicks with ng+ damage

i cant decide if i want to do company of champs IN ng+5 conditions or just start a new character for it , or just bite the bullet and start going for the 0 bonfires run