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ditto doesnt let gender boundaries affect the magic of procreation

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i was fondling myself as i saw this thread , not full on masturbating tho

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id asuume if they had looked at a guide they would have realised how off-track they were ( for the completionist run those faqs tend to promote) and stuff like missed social links etc .. id say a faq was used to understand some game mechanics but the rest was winging it.

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Im gonna keep an eye on this thread

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i look forward to a jeff/vinny quicklook of ANYTHING

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well notchs next game is a space sim with crazy customization and your spaceship has a fully emulated 16 bit cpu with its own quirks and programming idiosyncrasies ..

so im pretty much keen for that .. as far as all the other features they are mostly already available as mods , .. you want an extra hardcore pseudorealistic survival experience ? Try terrafirmacraft . Want a bigger focus on building or many many cool machines? Try one of the various mods like buildcraft / railcraft / forestry / industrialcraft / computercraft etc .. all of which are conveniently located in the Feed the Beast modpack http://feed-the-beast.com/ .. still mostly on 1.4.7 due to slow updates , btu a 1.5.1 version should be available soon .

one of my favourite mods that just adds stuff to do is called Mystcraft , it allows you to spawn infinite new dimensions with crazy random properties and eventually collect the "pages" that define these dimensions then bind them together into a book that creates a new world with the selected properties , like a single extreme mountains biome with iron ore tendrils growing out of the hills , and a dark sun and pink clouds etc etc etc ..

id love to see an upgrade to the graphical engine however it wouldnt require a minecraft 2 .. plus i gather that that versioning will be reserved for some sort of full size expansion or upgrade anyway ..

just my 200 cents

also if you want to build from the ground into space + have massive draw distance and substantially better graphics , check out starforge , its clearly way too early in aplha to tell if its going to succeed or just be another minecraft clone ... but it looks promising ... early minecraft was incredible limited too.

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im on the teetering brink of playing , havent played dota since the first version of the dota allstars map , i liked that panda guy with teh lightnings ? id definately be interest in some games with some gb folk , or at least anyone who doesnt care that im a complete scrub heh .

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ladies know my gut = easy to please

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ye olde razer deathadder v2

i hear steelseries are fine too

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@j0lter: the effort spent directing noobs towards the drake sword only to tell them its uselss later into the game is much better spent on just directing them to some solid gear/upgrades that will help them learn to play normally.