• envirosani wrote a review of Remember Me.
    Mind games done right

    "Remember me" is a well crafted game in a beautiful setting. Neo Paris is simply stunning. The presentation and artwork "Remember me" offers isn't seen very often and I can't praise the level of detai...

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    Hatred offers a value to the press like few games do

    One of the most valuable games for the press in the year 2014 seems to be Hatred. On the first look a mediocre dual stick shooter which was produced like this only better many times. A gritty look, a ...

  • envirosani wrote a review of Path of Exile.
    Fresh wind but a sour taste for longtime players

    Something new on the ARPG horizonGrinding Gear Games, the developer and publisher of Path of Exile, is a small indie studio located in New Zealand. The lack of a hardcore experience in the action rpg ...

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    Is it cut off at the end?