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I hope it borrows from TF2 and makes teamplay important. All the realistic team based FPSs tend to be less about team play and more about having the highest fraggers on your team. TF2 has spoiled me and made other shooters boring and I would love for Blizzard to make something just as good.

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First used steam for the CS beta that also betaed steam. Made a new Steam account for HL2 release as I thought I couldn't add the HL2 retail to the beta account.

The first game I actually bought through Steam was Rag Doll Kung Fu, iirc.

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I chose to shoot Jolene myself in Ep2, but at the end it proclaimed "You and 12% had the other guy shoot Jolene". Afterwards the brother was even speaking of how I shot her, that she was crazy but that it seemed over the top.

I think I also had the issue mentioned above where I in EP1 chose to side with Kenny when people thought Duck was bitten. During the EP he was thankful, but throughout EP2 he mentioned once he was upset I didnt side with his son, and kept complaining I never sided with him.

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  • Team Fortress 2 (put a lot of time into this before it went in the 1000 different weapons directions, moving pugs away from the enjoyable chess game of an FPS it was)
  • TrackMania Original/United (never had much love for the Sunrise environs, Stadium was ok.. but Original was brilliant, especially Desert).
  • Can't decide between EverQuest or WoW... EQ had the much larger sense of community and belonging, where WoW is so polished and refined. Hopefully if things go well TSW will overtake both of these in my eyes.
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I've been hugely impressed by this so far. For questing (been duo-ing two characters) and 5 man dungeons this seem to have more to it than WoW (which I still play actively, but I avoid quests at all cost in it).

The story seem to creep into you without having to read much quest text, which is good. As our final at of this beta weeknd we tried the polaris dungeon (as healer and tank) and the fist bosses were quite easy. The final boss however was very fun. It cycled through three phases that required us to spread out and avoid stuff, hide from nasty stuff or the for us most intense phase with all five group members hiding together behind the pillars from the boss as we kill adds.

Having done,and still doing, Dragon Soul HCs this last boss seem more interesting when it comes to mechanics. I guess time will tell if this is the AoC "put amazing stuff first" or if the whole game will be the same quality.

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I think people are just confusing "dumbing down gameplay" with streamlining auxiliary systems not directly linked to the gameplay. Like in WoW where the talent trees are getting simpler and simpler, but at absolutely zero negative impact on the proper gameplay (where by gameplay I mean killing bosses in a raid or players in PvP). All it removes is the need for non-theorycrafting players to look online for the calculations of how talent A,B,C and D synergize, as the choices map more directly to gameplay.

Making non-gameplay stat/loudout changes simpler can only be a good thing, anyone stating otherwise just want to be a part of a group that "knows" the best loadout while most casual players dont.

From what I have seen of Diablo 3 the actual gameplay is the same or more complex than Diablo 2.

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High level Team Fortress 2 matches are fun to watch, specially when listening to the Mumble live casts or VODs about them. So much strategy and teamwork and less of the oneshot-kill bullshit the Counter-Strike games usually have, battles are usually drawn out firefights not over in 2 seconds.

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TMU really is a special game.
 I never played it offline much, but the multiplayer is amazing. I used to host a server that was the only one listed for Norway at the time, and we had some regulars on it. The pure fun of sharing tracks, sharing tips on how to do corners best and just racing against others is something I have not seen in any other racing game.
I am usually never a high score guy or a  perfectionist , I hardly ever finish single player games, but in TMU I could drive the same damn track probably 50+ times to try shave off some tenths of a second. I wasn't amazing by any means, some of the people in the trackmania league would come and visit the server sometimes and beat my hard earned times on their first and second try, but that just made it so much sweeter those few times I had a better time than them for a few days.
I mostly liked/played the Original track types (desert, rally, snow), the free stadium type was cool too, but the sunrise environments I never liked much. I've not played TMU for a while now, but along with TF2, EverQuest and WoW it is the only game I have played for an extended period of time.

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Team Fortress 2 without a doubt.

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@Vorbis: I am sure you would find the new WoW much more fun than the old vanilla version. When you first play it is all seen through eyes that thing everything is new and exciting, you remember it much more fondly due to it being something fresh and new to you at the time. 
 My best MMO experience was the first months of playing EverQuest due to MMOs being all new to me, but I think that WoW is a far better game than EQ ever was. Making a new EQ char now would be boring compared to leveling up a new char in WoW, and no MMO can ever have the amazing freshness factor again for me.  
After your first char in any MMO people tend to become analytical in how they play. Any location you meet is now just a variation of walls compared to the awesome fire-zone or the scary as hell mansion you considered them to be on your first character. 
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