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Only had it about a week, I'd love a dynamic Reaper walking one though.
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@DrIntrovert: Well if that's the case then that's why and the original question is answered. Yeah I wouldn't put much thought into it, they got child extras I don't think they were too bothered about the precise genders and whatnot.

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I would imagine it's explained in the movie, or more likely the book so find someone who's read the book and they'll probably be able to tell you.

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This movie will most likely end up being only vaguely connected with the first 3 I imagine, maybe a cameo or two that's all I can see happening. I suggest we discuss actors, Ryan Gosling for the lead anyone? I say it should be set in the future, the dinosaurs have earned to talk and become somewhat civilised but when a few people go missing, Ryan Gosling is sent in to find the people. Think of it as a mix between 'Drive' and 'Taken' with dinosaurs that talk...and Ryan Gosling kerb stomping them.

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I really can't see this going all that well, I have a strong feeling EA will try and snap up as much as they can due to their veritable lack of success and consumer satisfaction recently. Would not be even slightly surprised if they jumped straight in for Saints Row.

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@Maajin: Because it's a blog post, not a forum post.

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Had to join again as my 15/16 year old self hadn't realised the virtues of simple user names and passwords. Thanks younger me! Anyway lately I've been playing a lot of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, FTL and League Of Legends. I know I keep up with the times well. I love all three but I have a feeling my hatred of other players in League of Legends will lead to a problem in he future... Ah well sure I normally am one of the better players so they can deal with my unsocialness (yes I know it's not a word). Anyway doubt I'll be playing many new games but if I am I'll post some new stuff.