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OMG the UI is so frustrating (on console at least), especially when it comes to inventory management. It's to the point that I almost want to stop playing it. Ughhhhh.

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I'm sure like everyone else I was hoping this would be something more legitimate than the VGAs, but apparently not. =[

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Woah. Mind blown. This might actually be enough for me to throw $60 at them again.

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Being an employee of The Hundreds, I always do a double take when I see twists on Giant Bomb's logo because it closely represents one of our brand images, Adam Bomb. The GBeast tee is rad!

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This is one of your better articles (to me at least) in a long time. Really great work, Patrick! An awesome read!

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Just took the time and watched the run. Gotta say, I don't really see the appeal or achievement of this sort of a speed run. Unless I'm mistaken, is he not just exploiting glitches? So it's not a matter of beating the game quickly, but rather it's about who can exploit the game's glitches the most quickly? This feels empty to me. It's cool that there are people out there who enjoy doing it, but it seems like a complete waste of life and time. Curious to hear the interview to broaden my thoughts if Patrick gets the chance.

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Thank you! I'd rather have them take the time to get things right instead of releasing half finished products. I played the Hardline beta and it was abysmal in comparison to BF4, which I acknowledge had/has plenty of its own issues.

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@nmarchan said:

I hate everything about the pre-order DLC business model. There is literally zero upside for the consumer.

I rarely, if ever, partake in pre-orders, but I can see the upside for the consumer. If someone is already planning on getting this game, then why not pre-order and get free DLC? I don't see it as a problem as long as the pre-order bonus isn't a game breaker like if you received some gnarly weapon in a multi player game that could unbalance and break the experience for those that didn't pre-order.

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I'm a FPS lover, specifically a Battlefield lover for the past few years, but I'm not feelin the beta. I was super excited to play it as I waited for it to download. Then I fired it up, played a few rounds, then shut it off and went to bed. I played a few more matches the next day, but now have zero interest in playing any more of it.

I know it's not a finished product, but with it coming out at retail in 4 months I doubt anything can be done to help the lacking visuals. Admittedly I'm a graphics whore and this game lacks beauty on a next gen console. The menus and UI feel dated, like they're working backwards from Battlefield 4. Maybe that's something that can and will be improved upon by the time of release.

Overall unimpressed with the beta as a game, but hey, at least it has run well during my time with it! That's more than can be said for BF4! Curious to see how the final product turns out...

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@llamaegg: @glacialhelmnun:

Thank you both! Greatly appreciate the help. And I'm down to spend upwards of $100 if I can get her something legit. I was looking at Weller stuff based off of some stuff I've read online. If I want her to be able to use interchangable tips, would I have to gun a pen style, or do some soldering guns also allow for different tips to be used? Any idea? Thanks again!