8 bit Kick-Ass vidja game

After watching the movie today, I feel like someone should make a kick-ass 8 bit video game with a plethora of crazy guns and bazookas, katanas and the jet pack double mini turret gun for added pleasure. There should be plenty of bosses and co op play. It should be a side scroller. I would totally make this game if could but alas I have no real talents other than whatever it is that i do.

Hit Girl and Big Daddy would be the main protagonist because there well equiped and cooler, Oh man, i mean. In my head this sounds totally rad but its all just impossible.


Rocket Knight Comeback?




I played the original back when i was a kid and recently heard about this game through a website (Wikipedia). Now that I saw the preview, I can say that I'm not digging the 2.5D graphics. It looks like plastic models with a shiny coat on them. That's the only thing that's bothering me but other than that I'm looking forward to this game.



I never cared about mobile games period...except God of War mobile, that's was pretty rad.