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The closest I think I've heard to video game music in the wild is hearing cash registers play the sonic ring sound effect.

Yeah. I heard that too, though I'm not sure where. Maybe it was target or one of those type stores.

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I'm reading Masters of Doom. Four more chapters to go and I'm done. It's a good book about how two guys supposedly invented a genre that transformed the video game industry.

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I recently played the demo and holy hell! The music is so good and nostalgic. I don't remember playing it in the arcades cause I would have been 4 at the time but maybe I played it a few years later. I'm loving the music but wondering if buying it for the music alone is worth it?

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When will they restock? I want to buy one but its sold out everywhere.

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hmm. i guess posting on the iphone creates double post.

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I do.

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Couldn't you just logged out of the account and sign in with another? I'm sure you can back up game saves and games on the ps3 and pc.

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Never heard of them. Now vidja games I enjoy plenty.

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Well heres the solutipn for you....... not. Actually, it be nice if a PC, the size of a streaming box exist ...where you plug it into the back of the tv and it plays all your steam, gog, desura, origin and indie games and countless demos?

I'm tired of buying steam games that won't play on my PC. I'm looking at you ducktales.

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But since it's a white collar crime, it doesn't carry the same stigma as robbing a corner store.

But it's still stealing, am i right?

Yes. Look if you're a white, middle class man, just play the "insanity" card, and say you couldn't cope under the stress of your middle class lifestyle.

You'll get a few years in a minimum security jail with a very nice and free hospital.