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You would be surprised at how many people got me confused with Lemon when he was an intern. It wasn’t uncommon for someone to ask me a question in chat or refer to my intern-ness in forums. It’s like JJWeatherMan being confused for Rich Gallup. Weird. However, I flew out to Whiskey Media’s office for an internship interview. Several members of the staff to include Ethan, Jeff, Alex, Melissa, and Daniel interviewed me. Daniel was probably the most awesome interviewer, it mainly consisted of a “Hey, how you doing. You wanna see the bar?”. 

It was bad luck to be interviewed during the Whiskeyocalypse. After the interviews, I proceeded to alphabetize comics then ran chat for the Mortal Kombat TNT. I got the job and my first day of work is three days before America’s birthday. My internship goes until August 20, to give myself time to get back home before Fall semester starts on August 22. Thankfully, I got my commander’s permission to take a temporary leave for two months after volunteering for a deployment to Afghanistan, and extending my contract for the amount of time I’m gone. It's nice that all my time and energy writing about videogames and keeping current has paid off. My internship will include moderator-related stuff, wiki editing, writing quests, office management, running chat, and getting lunch. 

I finished Portal 2 and wrote a review for it. Not to jump the gun, but I'm convinced that game will join Final Fantasy IX and Resident Evil 4 in being one of my all-time favorites. I simply loved everything about Portal. Aside from me thinking the gels didn't get used as much as they should have, I can't say anything bad about that game. There's such an attention to detail that is highlighted with every bit of dialog and environment design that's lacking in most games these days. I don't know if this is me loving Portal 2, or me getting back into achievements, but my goal is to get the full 1,000 points in that game. 

When I'm not traversing through Aperture Science, I'm busting skulls in Mortal Kombat. I must say this, fuck the story mode. I came to a halt in the match against Shang Tsung and Quan Chi. After several days of going back to that match, I finally won through cheap tactics only to be stopped by Shao Kahn. My motivation for finishing that game is dwindling. Online is another story. I'm actually fairing pretty well against the Mortal Kombat kommunity. If I don't win a match, I always feel like I put up a good fight. There's only a few instances were I just got my ass beat. i hate to always use Scorpion, but he's the only karacter I can win with. I kan also throw down with Kitana, but I can't seem to fight anyone who can teleport with her. Weird. 

In news around the world, Osama bin Laden is dead which is fantastic. But in more shocking news, Silicon Knights intends to finish the Too Human trilogy! In this Destructoid article, Denis Dyack is quoted saying that his company didn't get defeated after Too Human uno. It's weird, Too Human was a game I totally liked in concept. The Norse mythology combined with crazy sci-fi was really awesome. I'm also a major fan of dungeon crawlers. Too Human's controls were unfortunately weird, enemies leveled with you, death didn't matter, and the combat didn't have a lot too it. Perhaps Too Human suffered from "the first first game in the series syndrome". The idea of a second-go at that franchise sounds super appealing to me. 

i finally finished my site, stevenbeynon.com. It isn't intended to be some dumb fan-site. Just a portfolio for my videogame writing. If there are any specific things you want to see in video or writing form during my internship, please let me know.