My interview with a horror game developer. You should play Babysitter Bloodbath.

I'm way into slasher films. I grew up in the video store era and I spent a lot of time in the horror section. There are some good horror games out there, but non really capture the 80's slasher spirit. So I was stoked when I discovered a Halloween game. I later found out Patrick had it on Spookin' with Scoops.

The developer of that game is Pig Farmer Games, or specifically one guy making games from his house, Ben Cocuzza.

Listen to my 17 minute interview with Ben here!

Due to issues he can't disclose, the game is no longer Halloween. Now it's under the title, Babysitter Bloodbath. It's essentially the same game but with edits separating it from anything Michael Myers.

Babysitter Bloodbath is about a babysitter (weird, right?) trapped in a house and being stalked by a masked psychopath.

The game is free to play here. What makes it special to me is the idea of just having one enemy that can seemingly spawn at any point. Sorta invokes some Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. It's incredibly stressful and a totally worthwhile experience.

You can check me out playing the first 20 minutes of Babysitter Bloodbath below!


All the menus are inspired by VHS boxes.
The game is made with PS1-like graphics. It took Ben a year to make Babysitter Bloodbath.
At one point the antagonist was Michael Myers, but it doesn't really matter anymore. This can stand as its own without a "license".

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I think I am missing the link to play and the link to your video, I see the pictures only.

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