2011 most anticipated

Making a list of most anticipated games for the next 12 months is weird. It's a fair statement to say most of this years titles aren't announced, or there isn't sufficient information on them. Microsoft tends to wait until E3 to unveil their holiday plans. A lot of games also get delayed. In fact, I'm willing to bet a Playstation Move bundle that Skyrim won't be on store shelves until spring 2012. However, I'm confident about the other games on this list.

List items

Posted by Cincaid

Damn fine list! There are so many games I look forward to in 2011 it's really mindblowing.

Posted by wolf_blitzer85

Skyrim is definitely calling to me. I seriously cannot wait to lose countless hours to that game.

Posted by Nat3TheGreat13

This is a great list. I really hope they also bring Torchlight 2(Which is suppose to come out this year) to the console as well. The co-op in Torchlight 2 would be a ton of fun on Xbox Live.

Posted by mazik765

Nice list! Although I'm not getting my hopes up for Skyrim because I have a feeling it will get pushed back :(