Best of 2011

2011 surely didn’t offer the volume of creative experiences that years like 2009 and 2010 did. My last year’s Top 10 list comprised of a amazing titles that were vastly different from one another such as Dance Central, Pac-Man Championship Edition DX, and Costume Quest. I mean, c’mon, a dancing game and a trick or treating game!? 2011 was in fact, a year of diminishing returns. This year it seems like we’ve saw great things from other years, again. It goes to the idea of everything sucks because everything is awesome.

Not to downplay this list. All these games are indeed fantastic, and would’ve easily went toe-to-toe with blockbuster titles from years past. Every year, there seems to be a theme to my list. My Top 10 list seems to be a good indicator of what being a gamer that year was like and the type of experiences they could have. With Costume Quest and Dance Central along with 8 other vastly different experiences, last year was about diversity.

Most of these games tell stories in new and/or interesting ways. Saints Row: The Third, entertaining with an archaic plot, literally throws all logic out the window and shoots for the stars in out-doing Crank by tying together a bunch of crazy events. Skyrim had a great volume of story. SuperGiantGames implemented a storybook-esque telling device with Bastion. I was also totally immersed in Dead Space 2's atmosphere and environmental storytelling. Mortal Kombat is an awesome encyclopedia of Ed Boon’s life.

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