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I just hit 26 with my Warlock. Haven't partied up with anyone or chatted with anyone in game. All feel free to add me, PSN name should be epicvandal just like my GB name

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My condolences to you and your family in this time of grieving.

You've spoken highly of him publicly in the past and he raised an outstanding guy, I'm sure his loss will be felt far and wide. Know that myself and many others here on this site and beyond love and care for you and let that bring you a modicum of comfort in this difficult time.

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As someone who just started playing again shortly before Dan started doing his whole 30 days thing, this is a really cool thread!

I have a Paladin and a Shaman that are both spec'd for healing with off spec being for DPS.

My question to the kind people here is what is the current raid healing mod? How about a PvP healing mod?

Thanks duders!

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oh oh oh I want to contribute too!

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Hey Cripsy,

Thanks for checking it out and giving your feedback. I appreciate it. I'd done some casts since these two but I just picked these two out randomly as they were next to each other in the playlist. I think I've improved on some areas since these but I haven't tried to cast a game recently. I'll add these to my list of things to work on, I usually try to make one improvement a game and focus on that. I keep notes for improving on a second monitor so I can glance over and be reminded of what to do and not to do.

I think having a co-caster would go a long way as well. I'm also not sure what i'd be better at or what i'd enjoy doing more in regards to play-by-play or color since I've only commentated by myself. I know that I need to work on my camera control too, I am constantly displeased with my camera work.

I hope my responses don't sound defensive or dismissive of your comments. I appreciate you taking time to look at what I've done and offer feed back. I'll try to find a couple more games to commentate soon and try to improve even more. And thanks for saying I have potential, it means a lot to me when someone I don't really know says that vs my friends who look at my stuff for me.

You criticized the Alch for his skill build several times. It's ok to voice your opinion or to question something, but there was a point when you were basically berating him. Try to keep negativity in casts to a minimum, cause it only invites people to question your own ability.

This was something I realized immediately after the game and i talked to a friend on how & why to play alch mid and what he tries to accomplish in that role. I immediately reflected and didn't like what I had done there and thought that it was really bad form.

Part-way through the cast, you were kinda jumping around the map saying "boring, boring, boring". Even if you're not aspiring to be a play-by-play caster, you should at least try to liven up the game, or to sound genuinely excited about plays (when first blood came out, you sounded nonplussed. You could always spruce stuff like that up with something like "And ______ gives up the First Blood, going the way of _______. Mythical Penguins are off to a great start in game 1 of the series.")

This is something that is hard to overcome for me. Thanks for pointing it out. It's really not easy to think about things like that when also trying to pay attention to the mini-map and also on the things going on in the game. Until I started to try to cast myself I never realized how mentally taxing it can be. It's times like this when having a co-caster would be really helpful i think.

I'd say the biggest thing you have to work on is learning how to make things sound exciting

Another thing I know I need to work on. It's so hard to do that and focus on everything else. I know that calling out abilities and prioritizing them is something else that I've tried to work on since these casts.

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Hey guys,

I haven't ever really tried to put myself out there for public criticism yet but I figure that I should do so if I want to try to improve. I've done a few casts as local recordings and uploaded them to youtube. I don't have that great of internet so I don't stream currently, though hopefully that'll change soon.

Anyways, I know that there is a league going on for the industry people and something just made me want to contact Crispy today and try to see about maybe helping to cast and work on my skills that way. He suggested I put up a forum thread and some of my videos.

I feel more comfortable coming here instead of reddit or something since I've been a part of this site, albeit silent, since the start. Please skim through these videos or any of the others and give me some feed back.


I've done some commentating of a couple of amatuer games and put them all in a play list. My channel is Errant Gaming and a couple of videos at random are:


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I'm sitting just below 2800 :(

I hope to be able to improve to 3000+ though.

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@fwpx said:



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It’s insane, and I cannot imagine a game today pulling this off. People would be furious about the game’s deception

You know, you really should try Dark Souls...

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Anyone else going to TI from the community? If so is there a planned meet up? I fly in on Weds afternoon and I'll be around till the next Weds. I'll have 3 other buddies of mine with me, let me know if anyone wants to meet up!

Eh'pek (Ian)