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Not sure how much it lines up with your tastes, but I'd recommend Atomic Robo to nearly anyone. In fact, just this week, the creators announced it's now going to be going up for free as a webcomic on their site here. They're going to be uploading 3 issues every Monday/Wednesday/Friday until they catch up, and then all the new stuff is going to be uploaded there.

The best way I could describe it is an Action/Comedy about Action Science that has self-contained volumes that take place over a robot's 80+ year life. It's written by Brain Clevinger (if that means anything to you).

Only other thing I can think of is Morning Glories, which I'm struggling to try and describe besides "A bunch of kids get sent to a school and then get cut off from the outside world. It gets crazy." A Mystery/Thriller I guess, with teenagers. Largely avoids teenage melodrama though, if I'm remembering right.

As someone that actually did learn more toward DC (I haven't been keeping up with comics for a while), you're largely better off with having watched the cartoons. Batman: The Animated Series through Justice League Unlimited are arguably better than almost anything DC has ever done, especially in the case of using a lot of characters better. Only thing I can recommend there that a lot of people may not have read is the 1980s Justice League International run written by Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis.

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@aegon: Boo, I missed FE because the link ON NINTENDO'S SITE DIDN'T UPDATE. Found it on youtube in time for Puzzle & Dragons...

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@tonyblue87: Just came back up for me. I ended up just watching on the GDQ homepage, they have an IRC thing there I used to get to GB chat.

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So I don't seem to be able to get to Explosive Runs anymore? Was on just a few minutes ago and now I keep getting "This webpage is not available" in Chrome. Anyone else having this problem?

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Looking forward to some of the weirder stuff in there, specifically the non-NES/SNES JRPGs (FFVII, KH), which don't seem to usually be done for these things.

The first one of these I watched was the last AGDQ, and man, they've been incredible. The highlights for me from last years' stuff were definitely the Star Fox 64 High Score run, and the Viewtiful Joe speed run.

Also, hell yeah for Awful Games Done Quick!

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I know for me right now, on PS3 at least, it seems PSN is down for maintenance. It's possible this could be related?

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@demoskinos: Cool, that's pretty much how I played the new Theatrhythm so that sounds perfect.

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I should really get Diva F/f 2nd, huh? I got the first one a couple of months ago during a PSN sale, not aware the second one was coming out so soon, and REALLY enjoyed it. Not sure if you would know, but does the Vita version have any A/V lag on it? I couldn't help but feel like I was missing more than I should have been on PS3, and was thinking the Vita might be a better way to play it.

I was also shocked at how much I enjoyed Lightning Returns. FFXIII is one of the only FF games I actively dislike, but I like XIII-2 and Lightning Returns a whole lot.

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  1. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders
  2. Kill la Kill
  3. Aldnoah.Zero
  4. Psycho-Pass 2
  5. Space Dandy

Really glad to see the Jojo love in here. The first season was what got me back into anime after years of watching nothing, and the second got me to buy the first manga I bought in a long time because holy shit I couldn't wait a year to finish arc 3.

Kill la Kill was also everything I want in an action thing i.e. super ridiculous over-the-top action and characters, but it still manages to create some legitimate emotion just because everyone is so damn endearing.

Aldnoah.Zero basically being a group of people in the equivalent of GMs from Gundam fighting a bunch of Mazingers was amazing. Also a robot that has six (?) rocket punches and also turns into a giant fist is a win in my book.

I watched all of Psycho-Pass season 1 this year as well and really, really enjoyed it. Season 2 hasn't disappointed so far, still finding really cool ways to work with the world they made.

Space Dandy gets on here on the strength of a couple of its episodes and its ending. It was super hit and miss but the hits (like, say, the musical) were SO good. This basically just edged out Hunter X Hunter as my hatred for the Chimera Ant arc runs real deep as much as I like the rest of the show.

I also just realized I meant to write in RWBY Season 2 even if it doesn't really count, oh well.

Edit: Oh also, with Kill la Kill and Aldnoah.Zero, Hiroyuki Sawano as composer of the year without a doubt.

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@nightriff: Bad wording on my part, I meant it being on a Microsoft platform would be crazy. It seemed like there was still some group of people expecting it to be there in the US, even if it isn't in Japan.