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@equitasinvictus: Hadn't heard of this before, seems like it'd be right up my alley though.

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I'm glad she's in because I always thought her design was super cool. The only reason I didn't like her in SS (and REALLY didn't like her) was the whole "every time you walk into a room I'm going to explain the whole puzzle"... thing, which sucked a lot out of a game I otherwise really love.

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Not too many people have mentioned it, but I just watched the SOTN race and it's pretty damn great. Not necessarily much of a race, but still super fun to watch, couple of really entertaining guys running it.

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@theblue said:

I'm still catching up on most of the runs but the Super Mario World race was pretty fantastic. That and the Skyward Sword run was entertaining and interesting to watch and listen to. So far a lot of the stuff I've been interested in has been super low energy and not great on the commentating side, which is a bummer. Definitely some gems in there, though.

Yeah, this was a bit of a problem for me too. I was mostly interested in the N64 stuff which seemed to largely not have the best commentators (except SM64).

I am actually finally going back through a bunch of AGDQ stuff I missed (most of the Awful games segments in particular), I'll make it to this stuff eventually. It's all REALLY good for getting through grinding/side-questing in FFX.

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Yeah, Kanji was apparently changed halfway through the anime dub and I never noticed that, so it's probably fine.

Naoto though... I wouldn't be as worried if they just used Mary Elizabeth McGlynn.

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I'm excited about this because it shows they aren't afraid to go weird with the playable characters, also she was one of the more memorable parts of TP. My one hope is for a playable Skull Kid, though Groose could also be pretty great. This also still leaves Link as the only confirmed playable male character so far, yeah? Kind of amusing.

And if Tingle isn't playable I'll be somewhat shocked/disappointed.

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There's not as much that I'm inherently interested in as AGDQ, and I have a job now, but I still probably watch a fair bit of this while grinding/side-questing in FFX. Crash Bandicoot Warped, Bomberman Hero, Paper Mario, and FF6 seem like standouts (for me) from a quick glance though.

The Viewtiful Joe speed run and Star Fox 64 High Score run from AGDQ were probably the highlights for me.

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Soundtracks. Specifically the RWBY and Kill la Kill soundtracks on a god damn loop since they came out. Somewhere in there was also the FLCL soundtrack, the Lightning Returns soundtrack, and Babymetal. Also more anime theme songs than I ever thought I would ever listen to again, especially the 3 JoJo's Bizarre Adventure openings.

I'm in the process of beginning guitar lessons as well, with Colors by Flow (from Code Geass), and Light Your Heart Up from Kill la Kill being my first projects.

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I think this will be my first year since following Giant Bomb that I won't be able to watch the Press Conference's live, which is a bummer since without the chat there's basically no point.

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General Ike is cool, pretty bummed it's not Chrom though. Awakening was so good! Also the fact the bottom of his page says "Want to know more about Ike? Visit the official website for Fire Emblem: Awakening!" is weird.