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What's real funny is that, even according to fans of the series, Mario Parties 1 through 3 are by far the best of them.

It's all downhill from here.

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They should do Paranoia next.

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How long does it usually take to be added to the whitelist?  I notice that The_Laughing_Man built a house after two hours, and I'm still waiting.  Not complaining here, just eager. (Still 

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Just got the game, like to be added to the whitelist.  Username: DolorousEponym

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Is Metroid Dread even a thing anymore?  Was it ever a thing?

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My most traumatic horse-death moment was probably when I had to capture a guy for storyline purposes, and right as I was about to lasso him, he jacked my horse right out from under me.  Had to kill it just to catch up.
I think by the end of the game my horse's name had progressed to Nicholas Cage the ninth.

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...I'm already looking for ways to "game" the multiplayer systems?
I read that you'll be able to keep items you find in multiplayer, and INSTANTLY I thought about duping items by having a friend join, taking his rare items/weapons, and having him quit before he saves his progress.  The same way you can cheat in Resident Evil 5/Fable II.  Also, I'm going to grind as much cash/PP in Case Zero as possible.  Ten weeks until the game, and I'm already trying to crack it wide open.  I think I have a problem.