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I think people are kind of missing the point of the post. The frustrating thing about the ending, and even as someone who picked Option C I say this, is that it's cheap. It's cheap to give the player this morally grey dilemma, and then decide to make a canonically all-around good-in-every-way ending out of one of those choices. Jeez guys, think about how much time the average player is spending just on the main plot. Like, at least a couple days of solid gameplay. Yet the ending, the bow that wraps up the whole product, rests on a flimsy moral choice which is less a moral choice and more a "can you figure out the right answer?" It's weird, and I find it kind of lazy.

Revisiting this post to say... this. Completely summed up my issues with the ending, glad I'm not alone on this one.

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The majority of feedback is telling me that I played the game incorrectly, and that I'm an idiot for choosing anything but C. My punishment is missing out on most of Trevor's S&F.

Is that fair for a game to do? That's an honest question, I'd like to hear some opinions.

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@hailinel said:

@clonedzero said:

Consquences in video games? OMG!

I mean fuck. the choice was A.) Kill Trevor B.) Kill Michael C.) "Deathwish" by resisting everyones demands as a united team. Uh DUH.

I mean its kinda stupid to pick the option "Kill Trevor" and then get mad that Trevors dead...

He's not mad that Trevor's killed in that ending. It's that getting that ending (or killing Michael instead) effectively blocks the player from 100% completion.

Exactly. And it's so easy for people who picked option C to say 'DUH KILL THE BAD GUYS, NOT YOUR FRIENDS, IDIOT.'

Option C WAS NOT '"Deathwish" by resisting everyones demands as a united team'. It was "Deathwish."

I, like many others, thought Franklin would die in option C. And that's why I feel cheated.

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@uranium said:

If at that point you didn't want to send a big fuck you to both the FIB guys and the rich asshole then you hadn't been paying attention at all to the story.

Of course I did, but option C was not 'kill the FIB and Devon.' I honestly thought that Franklin would die during option C.

Regardless, you agree that there was one correct choice. And that's really what bugs me about the game's final mission.

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So, it seems like the vast majority of players chose option C, which makes sense, especially if you know the outcome of the three options. I was unaware of the outcomes, and chose A. Honestly, I feel cheated.

In the situation I was presented with, I, being much more of a fan of Franklin and Michael, immediately chose to kill the manipulative meth-head. No hesitation. There was real gravity to the choice... I thought in my head, one of them needs to die. In my book, that's an excellent ending.

So, I head to the internet to discuss experiences with friends... and... nope. No one needed to die. I made the wrong choice. Reading about the outcome of option C made me believe it was the right choice. And, it seems to me like it would be the canonical ending, if there was ever need for one.

However, my overall gameplay experience is more important than the ability to make this choice... and I'm pretty upset that I am being punished for making, in my opinion, a valid choice in the situation (for those of you who are unaware, killing Trevor or Michael leaves you with only 2 playable characters, and ~30% of brilliantly written missions and dialogue are lost).

I wanted to 100% GTAV, but now I don't think I ever will - because I didn't make the 100%-able choice.

So, I'm here to whine. And ask a few questions. Did anyone else have a similar experience? Was it hinted in the dialogue that option C would result in the fairy tale ending? Did I miss something? Is it expected of me to quicksave and try each option until I'm satisfied?

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Same, latest Chrome (26.0.1410.64)

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@WildFloyd: I always forget about the pupil-dilating fever dream that is the Bayonetta universe.

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Oh my god, Mulder.

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My first 360, which I bought at release, and played almost every day, lasted until a month ago. 

He was old, senile, and a week away from assisted-living.  Then he red-ringed.  He's in a better place now.

And by 'better place,' I mean my garage.

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