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looking to add a few folks to our ranked team. Not really picky on role and we all ended last season in silver so we would like someone in that area. We usually play evening from about 8pm -12 am. Let me know if anyone is interested


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Hey guy I got a group of guys that could use another player. We are level 30 and will be doing ranked soon. let me know

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In an attempt to brush on my writing i present to you a story of a car.

It was another night at the local race track. A group of friends and I decided to meet up for some friendly racing. She wasnt running right that night. Launches were difficult. She was over heating. I pulled her off to the side and popped the hood to take a look. Peering down it wasnt long before you would notice the oil that had been slung all around by the serpantine belt. It was about 11:00 at night and I was about 45 mins from home. I wouldnt very well diagnose her here like this. She would need to be put on the jack in the morning. I babied her home that night and put her up on the jack. Looking around the oil seemed to be leaking from the crank pulley. I attempted to pull the bugger off. It seemed like i tried everything from a pulley puller right on down to wedging prybars down there and slowly trying to slide it back. She wasnt giving it up though. So until i could figure out what to do next it was driving as little as possible, taking it easy, and a constant feed of oil back in. After a second attempt in opening her up to figure out what i was going to do next i notice a very subtle rattle coming from the head. This was serious and far past my expertise.

So my options are limited at this point. I can either pay the thousands this will take for Chevy to even look at her or i can swallow my pride and talk to my dad whom I have not even spoken to since i was 15 and also happens to be a professional mechanic . I am now 25. Well in the intrest of time I ended up meeting with my dad again. We never got along when i was a kid so this was a big step no doubt.

He Agreed to meet up with me and give me a hand with it. I towed her down to my dad's garage. We put her on the lift and tore into her. Through some fancy tool work and alot of brute force the pulley came out revealing a busted oil pump and the cause of problem 1 our oil leak. The busted oil pump would mean there were shards of metal in my oil and probably all inside the engiene. We decided the whole thing needed to come apart to make sure the pistons and crank were fine.


This process would take many nights of work as we dug deeper and deeper. Pulling broken piece by broken piece out and watching our check list of parts that would need to be replaced get longer and longer. As she sits right now perched at the top of the lift as we await new parts to arrive for her. As good of a time i suppose to add in some more performance parts to give her abit more growl . Well it's almost 1:00 and I have been trailing off for some time now it seems and update more as more comes in. Until then. Here a picture of her in her glory

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Well I am happy to report I will not be doing the programming nor will I be over seeing content and article creation.

That would make a good community driven article spotlight. Might just use that.

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I have a very easy way to solve that problem though I'm not quite ready to talk about all the special featues of the site but it will bring commmunities big and small together. I happen to live in a rather sall town so its not going to cater towards big cities like orlando and what not.

Im not making anything as complex as Whiskey media but there are a few features I am borrowing such as the forums built into seperate wiki pages. What I am really looking for at this point though is what features woulddrive you as either a user, an owner, or a bar tender to my site

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lol woops!

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So i mentioned a few months back i was trying to aquire a lisence for whiskey media. Well Berman Braun was not willing to sell so I now hae a web developer creating the site for me as e speak in a very similar style to Whiskey Media. While i wont dive into the sepcifics I want to know from the community here about what they want from a community driven website about bars. Please also tell me if this would attract you as a bar goer, a bar tender, or a bar owner. Thanks for your ime guys!

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@TheHBK said:

Why don't you use geocities?

good idea. If i could just find my time machiene. Yea i sent him a twitter messege but i will try here as well.

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Well Berman was of no help. The guy answering didn't even seem to know who whiskey media was.

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I will try and contact them as far as the cbsi thing i dont know if it will work in that format. It is not going to be anything like the giantbomb, comicvine and so forth.