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Pong! It's like the Paleolithic-era Venus sculptures of video games.

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I actually started the Beta sometime after I saw this thread title pop up on the forums. I thought this thread would predispose me to read "Dreg" as "Doug"... but I couldn't do it.

Maybe it had the opposite effect and caused me to expect "Dreg" so I could only read it properly afterwards?

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Backstage Pass. You work in the entertainment industry, and it's a visual novel, and then this

Aww yiisss

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Alex and Vinny definitely were throwing around the idea of having a GBEAST meetup around this time when they were still settling down last month, so there's a strong chance we'll actually be able to do this once they're all set up and comfortable!

Considering they've been really good about pushing content, I think they're almost there!

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Looks like Scoops... got out-scooped.

Oh man I thought this was going to be a Patrick QL. My pun attempt doesn't actually work right under this context! Oh well...

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@neocalypso: That must be for the Bungie.net one, everyone else is posting them for PSN I believe. (EDIT: Did the post I'm replying to get deleted?) But now that you mention it...


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Fallout: New Vegas with mods for me. You could ride around to Mojave Wasteland with a functional motorcycle.

I played it like 5 or so times over due to the replay value from mods, and I don't even think I explored every nook and cranny yet! (I swear I'll play Caesar's Legion route one day)

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Here's some good ol' Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler commentary on the Aldnoah.Zero 3 post-credits: (SPOILERS!)

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Hold the presses! Aldnoah.Zero Episode 3 was the best third episode from Urobuchi I've seen since a certain someone went in over their head!


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Yo, why isn't "It's been a long road..." not even an option?!

But I digress, Rorie is the greatest for being able to commit and put up with are shenanigans and antics!