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OH! Collusion!

It was mentioned earlier but I'll add my piece on gifting memberships being a popular alternative; back in the Whiskey days I think very active members not on membership had a gifty-looking thing near their name where you could sponsor their membership!

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I did mad punching and pistol-ing as a Titan and actually had a lot of fun, but it sounds like I should at least try out the warlock class.

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Seeing Kessler mentioned on these forums again like this is reminding me of that one time he did the Fear Gauntlet with Steve Ramirez... and that other time they made them play Farmville.

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Persona 5 Forever. Oh gosh, I shouldn't jinx it.

Now that I think of it, was this teaser the last time we heard/saw anything of P5 at all?

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Has this thread just turned into a waifu thread?

Ain't nobody talkin' about my waifu

Staying on topic, though, I'm somewhat ambivalent towards this. It was bound to happen eventually, but it's kind of a bummer that it had to be this way...

I just wanted miku dance parties beyond the Dominos pizza box, I never asked for this.

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Pong! It's like the Paleolithic-era Venus sculptures of video games.

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I actually started the Beta sometime after I saw this thread title pop up on the forums. I thought this thread would predispose me to read "Dreg" as "Doug"... but I couldn't do it.

Maybe it had the opposite effect and caused me to expect "Dreg" so I could only read it properly afterwards?

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Backstage Pass. You work in the entertainment industry, and it's a visual novel, and then this

Aww yiisss

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Alex and Vinny definitely were throwing around the idea of having a GBEAST meetup around this time when they were still settling down last month, so there's a strong chance we'll actually be able to do this once they're all set up and comfortable!

Considering they've been really good about pushing content, I think they're almost there!