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I'm cool with blaming SEGA for everything. Just, in life in general.

"Ouch! Sonuva, why was this LEGO on the floor? Come on, SEGA."

"Dammit, they got my McDonalds order wrong. Why would you do this to me, SEGA?"

"I honestly can't believe Israel and Palestine are still fighting. When are you gonna stop the madness, SEGA?"

"Thanks, SEGA" is less syllables, so I might just shift the blame of anything socioeconomic or political in nature to SEGA as well!

I do think this move demonstrates some shady integrity on Gearbox's part for throwing SEGA under the bus over a game that they themselves had a huge hand in developing (demo builds definitely count) at the end of the day. As much as I don't want to defend SEGA for being dumb about their advertising (SEGA even admitted to it -- in fact Randy Pitchford himself acknowledged bad advertising not explicitly exclusive to SEGA's part over Twitter), I don't think SEGA should necessarily take all the blame to the point of being the sole defendant on a class action lawsuit over a game Gearbox developed and had a hand in shipping even if SEGA was the publisher.

Also, apparently Gearbox sued 3D Realms a few months ago about the use of Duke Nukem... I don't think a lot of people are going to want to collaborate with Gearbox anymore after this series of events.

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Still loving Aldnoah even two episodes removed from Urobutcher writing episodes: Inaho continues to impress with his tactics, successfully using explosive reactive armor to hold off a superior mech in klose kombat long enough to score an underwater stage fatality. Also, OH! COLLUSION! (although more likely deception) seems to be going on with regard to certain areas of intrigue between Mars and the Orbital Knights.

@sergio said:

@hamst3r: Princess Jellyfish has one of my favorite openings with all of its movie references. I'd love to see a second season. I don't know if they're just waiting for more material, since the manga is still going, or if they're holding off until after the live-action movie in December.

Gosh, I could totally get behind more Princess Jellyfish.

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I forget who originally posted this unfortunately, but hey, I think it fits here.

No birthday party?

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OH! Collusion!

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It was mentioned earlier but I'll add my piece on gifting memberships being a popular alternative; back in the Whiskey days I think very active members not on membership had a gifty-looking thing near their name where you could sponsor their membership!

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I did mad punching and pistol-ing as a Titan and actually had a lot of fun, but it sounds like I should at least try out the warlock class.

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Seeing Kessler mentioned on these forums again like this is reminding me of that one time he did the Fear Gauntlet with Steve Ramirez... and that other time they made them play Farmville.

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Persona 5 Forever. Oh gosh, I shouldn't jinx it.

Now that I think of it, was this teaser the last time we heard/saw anything of P5 at all?

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Has this thread just turned into a waifu thread?

Ain't nobody talkin' about my waifu

Staying on topic, though, I'm somewhat ambivalent towards this. It was bound to happen eventually, but it's kind of a bummer that it had to be this way...

I just wanted miku dance parties beyond the Dominos pizza box, I never asked for this.