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@demoskinos: Just a question there, because I think you might be saying something you don't mean.

If I want to use Miku in my product, lets say I'm selling headphones and I want to use her. I have to pay for her right? Her image, her likeness? I must have to pay something to use her in my product or advertisement. So I'm paying a company for licensing her.

So when Beats decided to release a Justine Beiber version of headphones and those Lady Gaga ones, they paid someone to let them use Beiber/Gaga's name and image.

So really, anyone can use any musician as long as they can afford it. I mean, she's not really any more open source than any other musician right?

That's actually one of the most incredibly complicated aspects to Hatsune Miku/Vocaloids since they exist both in image and in software and there's different rules for her official image/software and adaptations/works generated out of Vocaloid software. I'll try to compartmentalize it based on your hypothetical scenario.

Most relevant to your Beats question: the official image of the Vocaloid characters (illustrations, etc.) is almost entirely freely available via the Creative Commons Public License (offsite URL: http://piapro.net/en_for_creators.html) ; however, this applies for non-commercial use only, so that excludes your Beats use case.

The above official image, for example, is something that can be freely used in any non-commercial scenario due to the CCPL mentioned earlier.

With regards to commercial use, they have an item on a FAQ in the aforementioned link:

Q: What should I do if I would like to use the Characters for a commercial purpose?

A: Please contact Crypton atintlbizcrypton.co.jp for information regarding commercial use. But please note that we will not respond to questions requesting information that can already be found in this FAQ.

Credit http://piapro.net/en_for_creators.html

So I suppose if you wanted to monetize Hatsune Miku's "official image" (such as the one I just posted above) with your Beats deal, you'd actually have to approach Crypton. This has been done by Toyota and I think Pizza Hut, etc.

One very interesting note is that Crypton actually at one point declined the use of Hatsune Miku's image on a Japanese political campaign because they didn't want Hatsune Miku to be associated with any sort of politics.

CCPL, however, may not apply in the above form if you create your own original artwork or song using any Vocaloid/Vocaloid software. YOU/your label/etc. have the rights, to my understanding.

It gets kind of amazing but even more complicated here: if you want to use a derivative image/music (so for example an image off of someone else's DeviantART or a song on YouTube), the rights and licensing is actually up to the artist/group that released the original artwork/song based on the image or Vocaloid software.

I hope this addresses your questions.

EDIT: Full disclosure: I'm very license conscious since I have to deal with a lot of *nix in enterprise applications, and software licenses can get really crazy between Linux/BSD/Oracle software/distros/etc.

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@mageknight: @konig_kei: Thanks for the heads up, guess I'll give it a pass for now.

Now that I think of it, are there *any* recent games that are based on modern navies and actually have good naval combat mechanics?

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I noticed this on the Steam Sale and probably should've asked this earlier, but how does the naval warfare aspect of the game fare? I don't even quite remember the last modern-based RTS with naval combat (and the last games with naval RTS-like combat I've played around with was basically Total War: Rome II and Empire/Napoleon:TW), so I'm leaning towards checking this out next chance I get.

I was wondering how the scale (fleet vs. fleet battles?) and mechanics of the naval battles in Wargame: Red Dragon fare?

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@zomgfruitbunnies said:

@jasonr86 said:

What does 'better pop star' even mean?

I think it's a comparison of who has done less drugs and urinated less in public.

Miku wins, obviously.

To keep it real: the "better pop star" title is probably a succinct but somewhat vague way of conveying that she's had a far more permanent artistic/cultural impact than Bieber has/will.

Don't ask me about the logic of people who make editorial headlines for Polygon, but if it were me I'd have rendered it "Does Hatsune Miku have greater artistic merit than Justin Bieber?" In which case, she does arguably have superior impact on music, arts, and culture overall (far greater in Japan and in Asia at large AFAIK but she's starting to become a known quantity in western civilization as well, even opening for Lady GaGa's most recent tour as I've remarked); it may or may not translate to being "a better pop star," which is the argument that Chris Plante qualifies in the editorial video.

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@cdel: I appreciated the pun in the title, whether intended or not,

I will not be afraid to admit about the hundreds of hours I invested in the original The Sims in my younger years. I was a sucker for the expansion packs as well, and this also followed through with The Sims 2.

Around The Sims 3, though, and maybe 2-3 expansions in, I started to get especially fatigued at the "stripping content to base and repopulating via expansion packs" especially when they straight up threw random features/furniture sets in very specific DLC that did contribute much else than said feature/furniture. Maybe it was the newness of the expansion packs conceptually way back when I was first into the games, but I could've sworn they brought a lot more to the table in the 1 & 2 days than they did in 3.

That being said, just off of it inheriting the legacy of Maxis, I will pick up The Sims 4 and give it a chance. At the very least, it can't be any worse than what happened with the limited scalability of that poor reboot attempt that was SimCity. I hope I didn't just jinx it.

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@hailinel said:

@xolare said:

Jesus, is Polygon just making clickbait now?

Well, they did basically can their entire longform feature team while keeping the likes of Kuchera around. That being said, it it is nice to see someone in the games press not taking an unqualified, uneducated shit on the idea of Vocaloids and the culture around them for once.

If you're referring to the headline "better pop star than Bieber" as clickbait, Xolare, then I can kind of understand where you're coming from. Plante/Polygon (whoever decided on the final title) could've better communicated in the title the overall artistic/cultural influence of Hatsune Miku & Vocaloids, in which case "better than Bieber" is certainly not an overstatement but simply a vague way of conveying how huge Hatsune Miku and the whole idea of Vocaloids has become.

The headline by itself is kind of extreme, but it does have some actual merit in argument unlike most clickbait headlines: Hatsune Miku is basically an evolution of unfettered freedom of artistic expression, which is extremely remarkable in how her image and sound (whether in her Vocaloid form or artistic covers and illustrations of her/her works) basically reaches almost every form of media, whereas Justin Bieber in his personage is practically limited to the "Bieber fever" and the fact Justin Bieber's actual actions and lifetime will surely limit his cultural/artistic impact. Chris Plante explains it pretty well in the 10 minute video on the page.

With regards to the actual editorial content, the writing on the page is certainly meager but it appears all of the editorial points were communicated in the page's video itself, which would also negate the argument that it's clickbait.

I always get surprised at how Hatsune Miku is starting to become (re)known beyond Asia, especially now that she's opening for Lady GaGa's most recent tour. I appreciated the video, as it is a solid summary of the Hatsune Miku/Vocaloid phenomenon.

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Welp. As for the actual spread of purchases...

Don't judge me, yo. I'm trying to fight my addiction...

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@nictel: I hear you, out of all the games I bought on Steam sales I don't even think I've gone through half of them yet.

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Prayers = Answered

Thank you, based G BEAST!

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@beachthunder: I'm afraid to ask but...

did you get placed Team Purple?

It'd be a crime and a shame if you didn't after all these years of that purple avatar!