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@Animasta: Yeah, you should only be able to go one way. Then the plot twist would be that YOU WERE GOING THE OTHER WAY THE WHOLE TIME!

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Charlie Tunoku

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Man, this thread title led me to believe they named the child Life. But I digress, congratulations to Will Smith!

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Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Dark Brotherhood is waaay more hardcore.

That locked house party scenario, for example, was super intense!

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@TobbRobb: Yeah I don't want to wait forever for Kizu. Especially since it's supposed to be a prequel!

At the very least I'm sure it won't be like DNF quality-wise, I'm sure SHAFT knows better than to mess Kizu up.

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@Cloudenvy: I'm scared! What if Kizu becomes the DNF of the Monogatari series?

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@sociald1077: might know something about it.

Actually... have you been to the new beta site at all? It might have something to do with that.

EDIT: But yeah I totally wouldn't click it until we're 100% certain.

EDIT2: So I looked at my e-mail and for the beta I totally had a long link too. It's something like : http://beta.giantbomb.com/email-confirmation/*REALLY LONG STRING OF NUMBERS AND LETTERS* right? Then that's definitely for the beta site.

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I remember the days I was trying to figure out how to get my school computers to play DOOM locally so I could play with friends. I don't miss those days too much, but I see what the OP means.

When you've got the right people it's far more fun enjoying some games locally than it is over the internet. Then again, it's just as easy to find enjoyment with the same people over the internet for me at least, so I guess I don't miss LAN parties too much.

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I actually really liked my Vita when I decided to buy it (I haven't even played an actual Vita game on it yet) but I've run into a point of frustration I doubt most people would really care about if they're contemplating buying it.

As someone who likes to tinker with electronics in general, Sony turned out heavily restricting certain aspects of the Vita. For one, I hear their SDK costs a pretty hefty sum. Also, the memory is a propriety flash memory (not SD) you wouldn't be able to put in just any slot and they don't even let you examine the file structure of the card! (All data/memory is handled through their proprietary Content Manager that isn't even supported in Linux; ironically, even when aspects of the Vita contain Open Source code that would never have existed without Linux.)

I feel like it would've actually been cheaper and a lot more advantageous for them as a whole if they didn't go all Apple with making everything proprietary down the media storage. This is also probably inspiring more piracy enabled by hackers who simply want to unlock features the Vita should've had available in the first place, which is highly unfortunate.

My rant aside, I think it will do okay, but I doubt it'll make great strides. Then again, the whole thing about PS+ offering a library of games for a not-so-bad subscription is probably a boon in their favor versus other portable devices.

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@Animasta: Yeah that was totally a big WTF moment for me too. I don't think anyone saw that coming. They actually even talk about that later, too, kinda!

And yeah, there are parts that get absolutely dire, which is why I kinda started thinking of it as more of a sports series. What episode are you up to?