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@Animasta: Yeah that was totally a big WTF moment for me too. I don't think anyone saw that coming. They actually even talk about that later, too, kinda!

And yeah, there are parts that get absolutely dire, which is why I kinda started thinking of it as more of a sports series. What episode are you up to?

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@Animasta: So much cognitive dissonance! I think compared with a lot of other mainstream moeblob shows though, Girls und Panzer is pretty inoffensive. The main crew even get a little bit of development later!

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@Zuldim said:

So bizarre, and out of left field. Were there even any rumors about this? I'm impressed they were able to keep it under the radar so long.

That said, I'm shocked that Nvidia is suddenly looking at the market and saying, "Yes, now is clearly the best time for us to enter the handheld hardware market!"

Yeah these are exactly my thoughts.

I guess after people found out about the Ouya, some higher up at Nvidia went all "hey wait I can get in on this too!" Not sure how this is going to end for either player. I don't think it will end too well, I can't see any gaming-dedicated Android device go far. Then again I've never even played on one before so it might actually turn out pretty cool. More likely not, though.

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I've just had my opinion on credits changed single-handedly by Hatsune Miku Project DIVA 2nd (don't ask me how I put it in my Vita or why I started playing it) but basically it's a medley of vocaloid songs not in the actual rhythm game and there's a little Hatsune Miku that's playable and can be moved around with the d-pad and she varies between some 5 or so animations when you stop her.

The credits there are still long as hell (because they basically have to list each and every vocaloid song) but they do make it pretty tasteful with the medley and the fact you can still interact with the Hatsune Miku in the credits.

That being said, is there a concept page for credits you can interact with?

EDIT: Nevermind, found it!

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@mosespippy said:

I can't Belize it myself.

This thread just keeps going with the zingers! At this rate I'm going to run out of applause .gif's.

I'll have to say though that as entertaining as this all is we're all eventually going to be disappointing once we found out the poor guy has just been tripping hard.

Actually, I think it'll still be an entertaining story to follow in either case. I can't believe McAfee's still at large I feel like at this point he would've gotten himself killed.

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@TheManiacsGnome: Shoot! I quit at waiting for credits, then. I feel like I was having a whole conversation during the credits via the Steam overlay and I still couldn't take it anymore after the third repeat track.

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@I_Stay_Puft said:

Wouldn't it be ironic if Edward Norton played John Mcafee. HEY-YOOOOOO!

If there was a comment that deserved a rim shot in this thread it'd be this. Well done!

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@Animasta said:

what's his intrigue stat? is he an intricate webweaver or just an underhanded rogue?

I knew this was coming up eventually! I'd say his intrigue is somewhere like a 10. He kinda got caught but at least he didn't get killed (yet)?

Also I'd call him a Flamboyant Schemer. THAT LACK OF SECRECY YO!

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@panvixyl said:

This entire story is going to make for one bizarre-as-fuck movie.

Heck I'd watch it.

This is pretty crazy, though -- I can't believe this is real.

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@TheManiacsGnome said:

@Roger778: Far Cry 3's credit scene was just as bad

That wasn't looping? The moment I noticed repeated tracks I thought that and stopped it! They can't just repeat tracks for the credits like that!