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I'd argue that Godspeed You! is more appropriate for the Post-Apocalypse but I guess that's close enough!

Just because of Armageddon...

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@Wraith1 said:

oh man, /a/ has Komm, Süsser Tod on loop

Great! All that's left is for us to revert to pools of LCL.

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Vinny is always the answer.

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@wchigo: Japan definitely credits their original voice actors/actresses since they're actually held to higher esteem over there (since video game voice actors/actresses also voice anime which of course has a pretty large following overseas and people over there can actually drop names of more prolific voice actors and actresses)

For example, Japanese Marie is definitely Kana Hanazawa, and she's among the more prolific, popular voice actresses over there.

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In the process of learning Japanese for a whole bunch of reasons. Waiting for localizations is too much for me (a la PSO2) so trying to guess my way through some games like PSO2 that can get pretty text heavy at points was becoming a fool's errand.

The next time a really cool game from Japan comes out and it seems like it's not getting localized anytime soon, I need to be ready!

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@Animasta said:

bodacious space pirates supremacy

4 more seasons! 4 more seasons!

It wasn't my top, but it was definitely on my list! It's also definitely on my list of shows that desperately need to continue.

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Majora's Mask.

Too bad I'll be spending the end of the world in the middle of exams, though.

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Remember when you could interact with elevators, doors and potentially open secret doors with the space key in Doom, and if you pressed space on a wall or any other object you couldn't interact with Doomguy would make a grunting noise? I know Duke Nukem had a similar grunt but I can't think of any other specific or even modern example. I'm sure there's feedback for attempting to act on things you can't actually act with in other games though!

So my question is: is there a concept wiki page or something for that noise feedback you'd get for trying to interact with something you couldn't interact with (i.e. press space on a wall because you're trying to find a secret door but it's just a wall so your guy just grunts or something instead; I'm sure people did that a lot back in the day.)

I was playing Doom and I suddenly thought about this and now it's bugging me, so thanks to anyone who manages to answer this question!

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@DocHaus: Awesome! Kind of excited to see the results and how many people ended up voting in the end. How long are the polls going to be open for?

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@Bocam: Well right now it's basically just Steins; Gate, Chaos; Head, Saya no Uta, Little Busters and now that you mention it, Rewrite, actually, so it's not too big of a list right now. I'm open for recommendations, though!