10 Games from 2013 I Thought Were Cool! (aka my GOTY 2013)

Even though I'm busy trying to finish my Computer Engineering BS degree and commission as a 2nd Lt in USAF next Spring, I still somehow played enough video games this year to totally have a legitimate, sincere list of "10 Games from 2013 I Thought Were Cool," which is essentially just my GOTY 2013.

Christine Love definitely approves this list, I think? She could have possibly have been on this list herself if only I actually played Hate Plus, but I will definitely get to it some time soon, along with other great games I've missed this year. (Thanks @yoshimitz707 for taking this picture on my camera back during this year's PAX Prime <3)

I actually had a lot of fun playing video games this year. I mean I always have fun playing video games, but I really appreciated the volume and variety of games I was able to enjoy throughout the year. I laughed, winced, killed people and broke things, screamed in horror, *almost* cried once or twice, and contemplated deeply about life and the human condition. There's a good mix of blockbusters and indie games on this list, which is remarkable and speaks to how I thought about the overall quality and state of video games this year. There's even more games that might have been on this list if I only had time to get to them, which I'll mention before the actual list.

Games I *would've*/*might've* thought were cool if I actually got to play them in 2013:

Antichamber, the Stanley Parable, Tomb Raider (really sorry I never got to it!), The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Ni no Kuni (never got to finish it yet), Rogue Legacy, Fire Emblem: Awakening etc. (there may have been a few other big ones I missed but these I think would've been fighting for a place on this list if I played them, based on what I've seen of them)

Games I really wanted to put on this list: Animal Crossing: New Leaf (I don't want to know how much time I spent on it this year, but I can say for certain it was too much. This was also my first exposure to the series.)

Should have been on my GOTY 2012 list: Long Live the Queen (curse you for actually having been released last year and only being released on Steam this year!) This game is basically if Crusader Kings 2, the most Japanese visual novel you can think of, and a rogue-like like had a threesome. I love all of the above, so I especially found Long Live the Queen charming as hell. I'll probably give it an *actual* review on this site because I liked it so much.

In fact, I'm giving Elodie a place in the list before the list even starts! So HAH.

Heir Apparent of 2012-2013

(I admit I haven't actually gotten her to coronation yet because I've had my hands tied trying to not get her killed, so I can't necessarily give her "Queen of the Year." She won a Civil War decisively, though!):

Elodie from Long Live the Queen

All that aside and without further ado, here's my actual Top 10 list. First I'll actually list them 10-1 (to build suspense I guess?) and then use the actual List Feature for Giant Bomb (since that forces it to list from 1-10) to explain them:

10. Papers, Please

9. Don't Starve

8. Far Cry 3 - Blood Dragon

7. Gone Home

6. Arma 3

5. Saints Row IV

4. Grand Theft Auto V

3. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

2. BioShock Infinite

1. The Last of Us

And now my explanations:

WARNING: My explanations for The Last of Us and BioShock Infinite contain some spoilers, read those particular explanations at your own risk!

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