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Thanks to everyone who found this (what I'd thought was forgotten) post and played the game! Not that the numbers are huge, but you can likely imagine my surprise when I decided to check my Google Play download numbers and found that I'd had the same amount of downloads in one day compared to what I'd got over the previous month combined.

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Just ordered mine. Annoyingly the ship price jumped like $9 between the purchase screen and the actual purchase, but eh, I'll take the hit for what looks like an awesome shirt!

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I think it's pretty humble to charge so little for a product, AAA or not.

Exactly. Plus, if you want your really indie bundles for cheap, there's always Indie Royale or Indie Gala instead.

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1. The pace for cars tend to vary between the race and qualifying, as some cars are fast over one lap and slow over a 70-lap race, and vice versa. As mentioned above, Mercedes haven't been very good on tyres in races, so they weren't expected to pull it off for the race.

2. Qualifying is spilt into three sections. The slowest 6 of the 22 cars is knocked out after the first 20 minute section and have their grid places 'locked in'. The same goes for the 6 slowest of the 16 cars left in the second 15 minute section. The final 10 minute section makes up the top 10 places, and as Mark Webber didn't bother to do a time for this section, he was placed 10th.

3. Cars tend to be very similar, with the only differences being the quality of the engineering and who makes their engines. It tends to happen that one team works out a way to find a loophole in the rules though, and thus gets well ahead until it's banned the following season. For the past few seasons, that's been Red Bull.

4. You can only block the car behind once a lap, I think. Even then you can't move across the track too fast, otherwise you risk being called for 'dangerous driving' and being given a penalty.

5. As far as I'm aware the DRS system just doesn't work outside the area it's allowed to work in due to an automated system. That system has been known to break or not turned on however, at which point it's up to the drivers to not use it outside of that area or get a penalty. This happened to Alonso in the last race actually, and Ferrari (the team he races for) were given a 15k Euro fine as a result. As for knowing when it's allowed, there's a timing gate at a point on the track, and if the car behind is closer than a second, then DRS can be activated.

6. The switch between tyres is actually forced in the rules. Both sets of tyres for the race have to be used (unless it's a wet race), in order to force teams to pit. This also forces teams to use the harder, slower tyre at some point in the race, which can give drivers behind on pass if they happen to be on the faster 'soft' tyres, which do not last as long.

8. If a car cuts a corner and passes another car, they are usually forced to let the other car back past. If the car in front cuts the corner (usually to avoid a crash with the car behind trying to overtake) and stays ahead, then usually no action is taken.

10. 1st 25, 2nd 18, 3rd 15, 4th 12, 5th 10, 6th 8, 7th 6, 8th 4, 9th 2 and 10th 1.

Hope that helps!

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Yep, same thing happened to me. Somewhat ruined the moment where you're meant to feel bad for killing her when she was about to do the same to you.

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@donchipotle said:

I don't think it was as good as season one, but if this is the cast for season two...well I like some of them already

-Shot Justin's foot. He was the non pedophile, right? I left with the pedo because he seemed more regretful.

-Left the car Also carried the body back.

-Left Nate. Nate was fucking wacked and Russel didn't need that.

-Left in the RV

-Told the truth to Leland

-Bonnie, Shel, Russel, Wyatt, and Becca left with Tavia. Vince stayed behind. Which is unfortunate because Vince was my favorite.

I did the same. Don't fully understand why Vince stayed behind in mine though, as he seemed to be coming round to going with her. Maybe the game doesn't allow a full group to go to the larger community?

As for play order, I went:

  1. Vince (Day 2)
  2. Shel (Day 236-259)
  3. Bonnie (Day 220)
  4. Wyatt (Day 41)
  5. Russel (Day 184)

Some opinions (in spoiler text, just to play it safe):

The Vince storyline was pretty good, and it was a bit of a shame to leave Justin behind. He was a dick, but not enough of one to let him bleed out with one foot. Doesn't seem like it 'mattered' like much anyway, as Danny wasn't at the camp.

The Shel storyline was likely my favourite, personally. Also, guard zombies?! Mental idea, but it seemed to work for them.

Lobster hands, of course. A snake tongue I can't control? Sod that!

Turns out I suck at Rock, Paper, Scissors. Did manage to cause a draw three times in a row though, which the game actually reacted to in a quite amusing way.

Nate was a solid ten out of ten nutjob, that's for sure.

Also, the fact that Venyon taking the boat caused their group to collapse gave me a little chuckle, I have to admit.

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Speaking of which. Do people still play Awesomenaughts on 360?

I haven't played it on the 360 in about 6 months, but it was pretty much dead back then. You're likely better off going with the much more active (and much more updated) PC version.

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Awesome. Finally an excuse to buy a long HDMI and hook up to my TV too.

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This is an idiot's guide to Steam Greenlight, to hopefully answer some of the commonly asked questions about the service and maybe present it to people who may have not heard of it previously.

What the hell is Steam Greenlight?

Put simply, it's a service for people to try and get games onto Steam. Users of Steam then vote for games they like, and if the game gets enough votes it might get onto Steam.

Finally! I'm off to submit Half Life 3 and Minecraft to finally get them on Steam!

No. You can only submit games you own the rights to onto Steam Greenlight. So no trying to submit Modern Warfare 4 or Red Dead Redemption.

Will 'big' games have to go through Greenlight?

No. Greenlight is pretty much only for 'smaller' indie developers to try and get onto Steam. Bigger developers still go direct to Valve.

Do I get to play the games on the service for free?

No. You can't play any of the games on Greenlight through Steam, only vote for them. You can of course play the games if they are on other services such as iOS, Android, Desura, Indie City or XBLIG.

I've made a game. Can I submit it to Greenlight?

Of course. It'll cost you $100 though.

$100?! That's a rip-off!

The $100 fee is to keep out fake submissions from people who didn't know the answer to the second point, with all of the money going to Child's Play, so Valve don't actually make any money from it.

The $100 fee is also a one-off fee per developer, not per game. So once you've paid your $100, you're welcome to submit as much as you like.

Of course, there's a bit of a debate about this fee, but that's a post for another day...

But $100 sounds like a lot! Is that more than other services?

Compared to other major PC services, that's about, oh, $100 more. Both Desura and Indie City allow you to put your game on their service for free, but of course take a cut of every sale.

Comparing with other platforms though, a one-off $100 fee is quite cheap, with both iOS and XBLIG being $100 a year to publish on those platforms. Android is a little better though, with only a one-off $25 fee to get onto Google Play.

OK, fine, I've paid the $100. How many votes do I need to get onto Steam?

Nobody knows. Even Valve are still working on what the number of votes needed will be.

Do the downvotes counter the upvotes?

Nope. Downvotes simply hide the game from the person who downvoted it.

Once I get the amount of votes needed am I certain to get onto Steam?

Even then it isn't certain. Valve still reserve the right to still reject games from getting onto Steam even if they reach the number of votes needed.

Have I missed a point or got something completely wrong? Feel free to post it in the comments!