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Sometimes you don't realize how great an effect someone has on you until they're gone. Ryan was an irreplaceable joy. We'll miss you duder.

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Rock on Dave, rock on.

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Would not be surprised if Nintendo brings Jeff onstage at their E3 press conference to announce more NDX.

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Yuki Kajiura

Yoko Kanno

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Toronto has numerous options, but I would recommend the burger at Parts and Labour.

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Where is Admiral Ackbar when you need him?

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I think the new mobile site is totally great. I just figured out that the functionality on the new site that resumes video playback where you left off also carries over to the mobile site. So if I start watching a video on the site and stop halfway through, it will pick up where I left off on the mobile site as long as I'm logged in. So awesome!

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My worst save tragedy happened around 2-3 years ago. I was moving my data from one 360 to another using a USB stick. A prompt came up that asked if I wanted to delete the stuff I moved onto the hard drive off my USB. I didn't read it carefully enough, because I selected the option that deleted both the data I moved onto my hard drive and the data on the USB stick. Why that option even existed in the first place seems really really stupid. I ended up losing a lot of important data, such as an 80 hour+ Fallout 3 play-through.

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The gun that shoots money will be part of the Borderlands 2 Inception expansion. It will also include guns that shoot guns, money to buy more money with, and a new character class that starts at max level and you work your way down with negative xp.