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I have a tone of fun listening to the bombcast while I'm achievement hunting or something.  I wish it were longer, or that they do one more than once a week.  Compared to Invisible Walls, 1UP Listen-up, Gamespot Hotspot, and the Ign podcasts, I think the bombcast is by far the best.

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Tenchu Z gets a bad rap, but I like it.

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I think zombies are cool and this game has a cool zombie mode so it makes the game cool and also they are Nazi zombies and Nazis are already evil and so are zombies so they are DOUBLE EVIL!

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All of the mission objectives I have seen so far do not really paint Alex as the bad guy.  The choice is up to the player to consume innocent civilians right? 

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I think there are a ton of great games coming out for all systems, but I am most excited for Assassin's Creed 2.  What what I've seen and heard, they are taking everything that was disappointing in the first game, and improving upon it.

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EA also neglected Army of Two: The 40th Day.  It would have been nice to see a demo of that.

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@vidiot said:
" I second Star Trek in terms of a standout soundtrack this year.

As for my favorite of all time...I'm going to have to think really hard. Most of the music on my Ipod is movie soundtracks."

I also think Star Trek had a pretty epic soundtrack.
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@RipTheVeins: Niiiiiicce
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I agree, worst conference so far.