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+1 from me. Please change it back guys.

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I'll bet what you are seeing is that there is a config file with a setting that caps the framerate with vsync enabled. Find a wiki for the PC settings and check through the various config files for that game. You should be able to find a 50 somewhere in those files. I don't know why some games have this, but I have seen it before.

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1) Games take too long. I need to be able to take my attention off the screen within the span of 45 minutes at some point.

I've barely put any time into the game, but that's my biggest beef. The time investment is just soooo long. It seems to take forever for things to actually get going. I get why people love the game and I have friends that are devout with the game, but it just takes too much of a time/effort investment and I'm a bit of a whore who likes to play lots of different things. To be good at DOTA and LoL, you have to put in some serious time.

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I had to patent an algorithm for a company I used to work for, for the sole purpose of covering our asses. We had recognized that getting from point A to point B to point C in this particular fashion could be figured out and developed by anyone with sound software engineering skills but a competitor had a patent that was similar enough. So we patented the software not to enforce it, but to protect ourselves from competitors who might possibly say that we stole their methods. Patenting software is an abomination though. Guess what patenting the code did to the delivery date?

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Even it being in Canadian dollars, it seems pretty high to me for the hardware you are getting. At 1080p and maxed out settings, you aren't going to get 60fps in FC3. I ran dual 670s when I played that game and I think I was running about 60fps.

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I buy Sony and MS consoles every time they come out with a new one. I do this because I want to. I always enjoy them both. The end.

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We can talk raw numbers and specs all day long, but Sony and MS putting time into their respective APIs is where both consoles have huge amounts to grow. Neither of these consoles has a game on it right now that is anywhere close to unleashing the full capacity of what is possible. Before I left the game development for other software ventures, I was able to see the PS2/Xbox generation development wind down and the PS3/360 cycle ramp up. Stuff changes so drastically early on and it takes the devs time to learn a lot of the ins an outs of what's even available with existing APIs and how to bend certain things to your will.

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That dude in this stream: just died.

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@seppli: As an above average pilot, on average, how long are you in the various aircraft before you are taken down?

On average? Dunno. A couple of minutes on average I guess. Quite often I keep the Scout Chopper for like 20+ kills. You know, until enough people are pissed enough to equip AA launchers. Every now and then I play flawless rounds in Scout Choppers, though mostly in Rush mode. (all I really play is Rush and Conquest 64).

I'm merely okay in jets. I can't stand dogfighting, which I find a waste of time. Still think the afterburner should be much more powerful (like triple speed), but time limited (overheating mechanic), and whilst it's employed, weapons cannot be used. You know, to hopefully make dogfights about close proximity high risk chases, rather than the unending loop-de-looping in the skies. That said, I find it fairly easy to keep jets in the air forever, and the Attack Jet is quite the killer machine. I don't quite get the Stealth Jets, with practically zero ways to influence the overall game, being restricted to AA-duty mostly - so boring, and the SPM is abysmal.

Thanks for the response. Looking at what you said, if you as a skilled player, are dominating in the chopper like that, it seems that you are already being rewarded for your skill and I would not want to buff your abilities. If you can get 20 kills in a row in your chopper, I'd want my entire team to bust out Iglas and put you into the ground, ha ha. I think 5 average gamers who only play a few hours a week(who have not practiced for hours with wire guided missiles) should be able to choose and gang up on a chopper/vehicle and take it out. In BC2, there were some really brutal rounds when good chopper pilots would just single-handedly own an entire match of Rush. At any rate, I think we need lock on AA (or more stationary guns but not just one per mcom like on Oasis in BC2) where a few can gang up if they want to get rid of a harassing chopper pilot, but maybe tweak the damage amount. Your suggestion of letting the pilot get low and repair would probably go a long way too.

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@seppli: As an above average pilot, on average, how long are you in the various aircraft before you are taken down?