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Hi Everyone,

Eric: 4227-1547-2936

PM me and I'll make sure and add whoever does.


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Probably none. I live in Costa Rica so I'm getting no TV support, I can't borrow a friend's game (down here games are $90-$120), my Internet has the speed but if it goes down it could take 3-4 days to get it fixed, so the connect once every 24 hours worries me also.

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I'm surprised the site has no coverage of this. There is also no DLC listed on the XCOM page as of this posting. There is very little coverage of this across the board on the interwebs.

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I've been having the same issue. Really frustrating. On PSN i'm DudeistJohnson.

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@Kerned: Just curious, why is that?

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Thanks for the feedback. I hadn't thought to look at what other titles 2k games put up on the store. Playstation Store is pushing this day 1 digital idea, but the 8 games they are showing now are mainly AAA titles. I'm not sure I understand that logic other than if it's just a "lets test this and see how many copies we can move to test the viability of this delivery method". Alas, I may yet have to wait until I go back to the States for Christmas. Thanks again Duders!

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Any of you Duders know if this might be coming to the Playstation Store. Where I live it is typically much cheaper to just buy digital. I've googled this to no end and used the search tools almost everyday to try to find out an answer to this query but I am finding nothing.

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I don't really care what game. I'd like to play whatever they give out free that week provided it has MP. You never know if you might really get into a game that you wouldn't have given a thought to otherwise. And community....and stuff...

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Any of your PS+ Duders interested in getting together and playing the current PS+ offerings together? PSN ID is DudeistJohnson if you're in to that kind of thing.