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@boom_goes_the_dynamite: I think I'm skipping too. This will be the first PPV I have miss since like, Survivor Series 2013. Even when Raw sucked last summer/fall, I caught the PPVs. I partially thought they were doing so bad because of how many people were out with injuries, but nope, they just don't give a fuck.

I dunno when I am going to start watching Raw again for real. It's going to take Vince being gone or everyone in this thread saying it is a great fucking show. I am as ambivalent to it now as I was in 07-08 when I gave it up last time.

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Finally got around to this week's episode of Lucha Underground. Holy shit, that was so fucking good. The fucking Trios matches man, damn.

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@roomrunner: Never ever thought I was going to see a Jeff Rosenstock mention in the GB Wrestling Thread.

Although, I suppose there is a through-line with the "Bomb" naming.

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Eva Marie is going to return with the experience of a first year wrestler and get the title. So basically same ole shit.

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Watched more Raw this week than I have in the last couple combined. That show is fucking awful. Like, I can't understand how they make it so bad.

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Raw managed to drop viewers from last week. Any bets on how long it takes them to drop below 3 million viewers?

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I didn't watch Raw, and it sounds like I shouldn't bother for awhile.

Suggestion: We should start watching RoH on Wednesdays while NJPW is on hiatus.

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So Orton tweeted about how the only shirts available in kid's sizes at the UK shows are Cena's. It's been said a million times before, but of course he outsells everyone else in merch when it isn't even a level playing field. The fact that they are willing to lose money on potential sales just to keep him at the top is pathetic, and the perfect demonstration of why the WWE is fucked until Vince is gone.

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@gorillamopena: To be fair, I actually think both companies have dropped the acronyms on their branded names. So the E's both mean the same thing, now, they just don't mean anything.

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This guy is pissssssed about ESPN covering the WWE. I gotta say, I think ESPN covering the WWE is kinda ridiculous and reeks of some sort of quid pro quo going on, but this dude insisting that it isn't journalism because it isn't sports journalism should probably expect a call from Meltzer or Wade Keller.