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If Reigns isn't getting a hot tag, he is boring as hell to watch. His push is fucking stupid.

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Considering how much approval he has over his creative, a lot of it is his fault. If he wanted to change direction to improve the product, it could happen.

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@rabid619: Oh, I totally want him to fucking stop with the SuperCena shit, but it was a good promo. Fuck the current Cena character. I don't care what it means to him when 9 times out of 10 it makes for bad TV.

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Guys, that may have been Cena's best promo of all time. He followed Heyman up in an amazing way. That whole segment was off the damn charts.

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@turboman: I honestly think that six-man Total Divas promo match was the worst wrestling match in WWE history. It was top to bottom terrible, and the whole thing could be shown on a Botchamania and it wouldn't be out of place.

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@meatball said:

God. Fuck off, Cena.

Another Super Cena match? Glad I missed RAW then and instead watched the archived PAX Prime Royal Rumble!

Now we have the combo of SuperCena and SuperRoman. They may as well just pull Reigns and Lesnar off of the books entirely until WM31. Shitty obvious moon booking sucks ass.

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What a bad Raw so far. John Cena couldn't be more tired if he took 2000mg of Ambien.

For this being my first Raw in a couple weeks, they aren't showing me jack fucking shit.

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@superfriend: I was thinking that, too, but I mean, who doesn't love Cobra!? But no one appreciates Cobra more than Jeff and the great Ryan Davis.