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Man, guys, I am just tired of the WWE. I am taking a break from Raw in hopes that it will re-energize me for the product again. I just can't handle another month of the exact same dumb booking that we have gotten since Payback this year. They started off the year so strong, and I don't know if it was because Bryan got hurt, the Network didn't perform up to expectations, or what, but they have straight up started putting out a product on the caliber of 2011.

I love chatting about Raw on Monday nights with y'all, but driving myself crazy over bad TV just isn't worth it.

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@milkman: The feuds that Wyatt have been in you can almost say the whole character is some fucking Authority smoke and mirrors show.

  1. Bray gets Kane to join The Authority, who they need for muscle and excellence in directing operations.
  2. Wyatts attack CM Punk and Bryan, who are a thorn in The Authority's side.
  3. Wyatts keep Bryan off to the side while The Authority brings in Batista to baton down the hatches.
  4. Shield starts to buck, so Wyatt Family goes in to handle business.
  5. Cena is threatening for the title, so Bray goes in to take him off of his game.
  6. Ambrose is about to take out their chosen child, Seth Rollins, and Bray decides that is the best time to return and attack only Dean, letting Seth win.

Now, I don't really believe the Wyatt Family is working with The Authority, but I'll be fucked that if in hindsight those things don't have a bit of a through line.

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The Wyatt thing should have happened after the match. I don't understand how yet another fucky finish to a PPV main event is anything other than pathetic at this point. It is the go to thing for shitty creative. If Ambrose wins that match, what happens? Rollins doesn't look weaker, fuck you if you think so. When has taking a single loss, especially one in the Cell, ever made a guy look weak?

It is the same fucking thing that happens with Cena. Did Cena look weak last year when Daniel Bryan went over him clean? No. He looked like a dude that lost a hard-fought battle. But now, Cena is being booked in contract on a pole matches because they think him taking a loss to Dean Ambrose will somehow make the Make-A-Wish kids turn the other direction and start asking to see LeBron.

It is bad booking, it is bad writing, it is just plain bad. It's not like these guys are goddamn IC champs that come out and lose every single night. Fuck.

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@gorillamopena: The preshow is an hour, right? Put this match there. Sure, it isn't quite the same thing, but more people will see it because it is free, and it will be a hell of a draw to get people to buy in for the PPV. If Cesaro/Ziggler going 25 minutes showing off some of the best wrestling the WWE has to offer can't convince folks, then I don't know what could.

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I forgot the PPV was this weekend.

Did y'alls see the dope-ass Ziggler/Cesaro promo for their match on Sunday? How fucking hard is it to put this promo on Raw?

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@spiritof said:
@ericsmith said:

Cesaro got time to cut a promo on the WWE App:

He cut a good promo, and honestly, looked like he was speaking his mind for awhile there. It is fucking ridiculous that at best, there is going to be a pre-show IC title match.

Agreeance. How do you NOT have an IC belt defense match on the PPV? And as solid and surprising as their match was on RAW, to not carry that momentum into the PPV seems ludicrous. It makes me wonder why WWE even has belts at all. Just have they wrestle for a bucket of KFC at the next PPV.

How about they arm wrestle for KFC? Because fuck yea Colt and Cliff.

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If you didn't watch Main Event, you missed out on this:

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@ht101: Honestly, except for the Foley pop, and getting cheap heat from the Royals dis, it looked, and sounded like the crowd wasn't into anything happening until the main event. We saw a whole bunch of the crowd sitting there silent like it was a Main Event or Superstars taping.

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Earlier when I said Cena looked funny walking around the table? This is what I was talking about: