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That Kevin Steen vignette was legit as fuck. I just want that dude to come in and start beating ass day one.

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Sounds like it is all but confirmed that Steen is debuting at Takeover 3. I am so goddamn hyped.

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@jpeeples83: They didn't leave Spike, Spike didn't want them back. They put their money on Bellator, and that promotion actually has a big future.

TNA has to cut about $3 million to be at break even, and what is there show going to look like after that? I mean, it is already a train wreck.

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I actually haven't had any issues in MCC so far, and I dunno how. I've been matching into games in about a minute (which is how long Halo has always taken for me). Hopefully it starts to improve for everyone else, too!

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So that Lucha Underground main event triple threat match was a goddamn match of the year candidate for me. Amazing shit.

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@roomrunner: If Daniel Bryan isn't back by Rumble, I would be surprised. At this point, Daniel Bryan and WWE have both been saying that he needs to be checked out again to see if he needs one of two different surgeries. That has been going on since the middle of July. In the world of sports medicine, you don't wait four months to decide on a surgery. Broken spines, shredded ligaments, torn muscles, doesn't matter, the surgeries get done ASAP.

Daniel Bryan is a top guy in the WWE and well-liked by management, he is getting the very best treatment that money can buy. Maybe that somehow isn't enough, but with the recent report of him training at the Performance Center, I wouldn't be surprised if this has been a work to make the surprise of him returning a whole lot bigger and better.

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@shinmaru007: The smile that Hideo gets right before he beckons Finn Balor out was possibly the best thing I've seen in pro wrestling in some time. lol

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Hell yes Finn Balor. That was an amazing fucking debut. They need to let them land those corner stomps stiffer, but other than that, I am so fucking excited for this match at the live show.

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That Zayn vs. Kidd match was fucking great. Cole and JBL once again doing a lot to put over the NXT guys. Cole correctly called the blue thunder bomb!

If matches and commentary were like that every goddamn week, the WWE would be in a great place.