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What a bad Raw so far. John Cena couldn't be more tired if he took 2000mg of Ambien.

For this being my first Raw in a couple weeks, they aren't showing me jack fucking shit.

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@superfriend: I was thinking that, too, but I mean, who doesn't love Cobra!? But no one appreciates Cobra more than Jeff and the great Ryan Davis.

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@unclebenny: I guess this isn't proof, but that orange cable was on the desk in the mailbag video, and that is the same TV. And the same desk.

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I'm rewatching Mania so I can remember what good wrestling is like.

I'm probably not watching Raw for awhile. It was bad enough already as it constantly felt like the WWE was insulting the audience's intelligence. And now with the most obvious winner of the belts imaginable, the WWE is showing that they have no faith in their young talent for the 90th time. Literally anyone else winning would have been better, but nope, back to the guy who must have a stipulation in his contract that he has to hold the title at least once a year.

Fuck the WWE, I can't care about a TV show that is directed and produced by goddamn children.

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I liked Microsoft, Ubisoft, and Sony the most (in that order). Microsoft had a no buzzword, no bullshit approach and showed off a lot of interesting games. As much as I am bored of Aisha Tyler, the games Ubi demoed all looked cool. Sony was the best for the first 45 minutes, then they crashed really hard. The amount of bullshit they talked and trying to throw shade at Microsoft (after Microsoft was fairly cordial), was dumb, and that 40 minute interlude in the middle was god awful. It reminded me of how shitty that Xbone reveal was last year.

EA's just sucked, and the only thing I care about from Nintendo is the new Zelda, but that is 2+ years off and has to win me over after Skyward Sword.

No Man's Sky was the most impressive thing to me out of all the briefings.

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Microsoft has one new IP to show, they are going to have one of the Mass Effect games on their stage, and Fable will have a decent presence (it's a mid-to-late-2015 game). Other than that, a lot of their stuff will probably be known.

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The WWE has like seven hours of main roster programming every single week, but they try to do the Rollins turn in five fucking minutes of the show. It isn't going to draw in more viewers for next week, so what the fuck? Instead of wasting 15-16 segments on bullshit and giving a guy like Rusev five minutes to do fuck all, why not give the Shield and Evolution more time to set this up and show something happening. Now I know these guys are broken up, and they are going to do four more hours of taping this week with zero payoff for the turn.

And to everyone saying "The Shield had to break up": 1) Why did they have to break up? 2) Why did it happen now and not on the big stage at Mania where it would have gotten real weight?

There is no reason The Shield couldn't have operated as a faction for a decade, let alone another year or two. It's not like because they are a faction they are only allowed to do six man tag matches. Why couldn't any of the guys pursue other titles, but when shit was going down, they had each other's back?

I was hopeful for yesterday's Raw before the show, but they didn't show me much. Turning Rollins was a risk, but not the risk they needed to take.