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@gaftra: 1) The crowd wanted to enjoy what they wanted to enjoy. A boring-ass match with Reigns being the "surprise" entrant wasn't going to get over on any Raw, let alone Raw after Mania. The crowd loved the hell out of the first two hours, and then they started chanting bullshit at the bullshit they are being shown. Everyone that says "People should just react how the WWE wants them to" makes me think we have a society of fucking drones. Which, I guess we kinda do.

2) A smart mark, or a smark, is someone that is smart to the business, but still can enjoy the show regardless of that fact. Not everyone is smart to the business, look on Twitter or Facebook and you will know that is true. And when did the crowd last night take a contrary opinion to everything?

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@turboman: We know they can be incredibly petty at times, but I still can't imagine this was intentional. Am I hoping for too much when I think that they're all in such a bubble that it didn't even cross their mind? Of course, there's also the chance that someone did realize the connection and didn't care enough to bring it up.

They simply can't be that pathetic. It is impossible. Then again, they were basically the only wrestling show to take place since his death that didn't have a brief tribute at the top of the show, and not many of the other promotions even had a connection to him like the WWE did.

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I honestly thought there had to be a swerve coming at the end. I didn't think even Vince was dumb enough to think Reigns got over by taking suplexes and doing five moves last night, but apparently he did. The way they held back by not saying it was Reigns and making it seem like a surprise was the setup to have either a new guy debut, or they honestly thought the crowd would pop for him.

Steroid use is known to kill off brain cells, so that explains it some, I guess.

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@mordukai: 1) Yes. Ever since The Young Bucks have turned down the WWE offer there have been a lot more superkicks on WWE programming. They have even said "Superkick Party" several times, and even made a video titled that.

2) Bray is fucked. He still has yet to pick up a big win, and I have no reason to believe he is worth anything as a character. The only two members of his stable split off and don't mean shit anymore.

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@dazzhardy: It was definitely a fun watch for a lot of it. The booking decisions they made for several of the matches really hindered the show. Taker/HHH/Cena/Big Show shouldn't have won, it's as simple as that.

The main event was pretty good, though. But they just had to make Roman look strong tonight even though he sucks ass. So now we have to watch him cut dumbass promos about how he was going to come back and kill Brock and it took two people to beat him. Even though he was dead as fuck for 10 minutes and then just hit punches and a spear. I also like how the first time a real proper blade job was done in the WWE in *years* is in service of making Reigns look strong. It's kinda just comedy at this point.

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@gorillamopena: He was there live, so his opinion is gonna be a bit screwy.

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A double turn at Mania would suck. At best, it does nothing. You go from having a badass Brock Lesnar with a badass mouthpiece in Heyman, to Heyman being a badass with a shitty Roman Reigns. Reigns cutting a bad promo doesn't make people care about his matches, he is a bad wrestler that can't do much of anything between the ropes. Heyman turning on Brock (which would be what, the 5th time Heyman has turned on one of his clients for the other person in the match? That said, Reigns losing would be dumb. I still don't think he is fully ruined, and getting shut down by Brock in the way he should might set him back too much.

Basically, the WWE pulled their usual move and booked themselves into a shitty corner instead of going with the smart play.

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I would have preferred he goes back to UFC, honestly. I know that in WWE he will be gone until SummerSlam, then gone again for another few months. He will be part of dumb stories, all while sucking a paycheck from the WWE to do nothing 44 weeks out of the year. But at least we will get Bryan vs. Brock in a throwaway match that will be amazing, even though they fucked the dog on a perfect Mania story.

He got the best deal he could, but it won't lead to get television.

Also, does it count as a Krazy prediction to say Heyman is going to turn on Brock, Reigns turns heel and joins Heyman?

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Cean/Rusev could be something special if Cena decides to show up.

That's unfair. It's Wrestlemania, Cena is absolutely going to put forth his best effort. Say a lot about him, but his work ethic is always there.

His work effort is there, he just isn't a great wrestler. At very best, you can say he plays well with his opponents, so if he has someone great to carry him and work with him, he can have a great match. If he has someone that isn't great, that is the match you will get, too. Problem is, that is the exact same kind of wrestler Bray I don't expect much.

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We really need a new thread. This one eats posts too fucking often, now. I only ever have that issue in this beast.

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I watched the first hour and the last 25 minutes. Raw sucked. Promoing the main event with a tug-o-war. Dumb shit throughout...

What a fucking shitshow of a company. It doesn't matter if Wrestlemania is good. By April 6th the show will probably be terrible again.