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Breaking news: Raw still sucks.

Even fast forwarding to the Owens segment wasn't great this week. Cena's springboard stunner is still a fucking abortion, and I honestly felt that the commentary, including Owens, dragged down the match.

At least we will always have Wednesdays.

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@waluigi: So do you happen to have a high res version that I could have printed? I'll totally send you one, too!

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Fucking hell, this thread ate another post of mine. We need another revision.

Anyway, on Twitter they said that a large number of the characters are unique (like 85 or something, I don't remember), and that the rest are alternate costumes, not individual characters.

Also, I just learned that I actually have the 3rd off. Are we going to chat for the Beast in the East show?

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@shindig: Don't let anyone on a gaming site fool you, PCs will never take hold as a major platform. I spent $800 on my last PC build (excluding a case, monitor, and KB/M) in mid-2013, I also spent $300 on a new video card in 2011, and $900 on a full build in 2009. This year is a video card upgrade for me (as well as possibly a new mobo/CPU because my motherboard is having issues.

This cost isn't in an effort to keep myself at the top of the line, it is to keep myself playing games on high-ish settings at 60fps. In that same time frame I have spent $900 on my consoles, and if it wasn't necessary for my job I could get away without ever having purchased a PS4. Sure, the Xbone doesn't play games on ultra settings, but for something that is less than half the cost of a decent PC build, it does a pretty great job.

Over time I have become more and more disillusioned with PC gaming. Every fifth game I have to fuck around with settings to get to run properly, or even run at all. For instance, Far Cry 4 just wouldn't work on my machine. I don't have any weird hardware or anything, the game just wouldn't work with my setup. Fuck. That.

PC gaming is a niche thing for many reasons, and it isn't going to change anytime soon.

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@cmblasko said:
@hadoken101 said:

@cmblasko: Unfortunately, due to the nature of their roster (the majority of the people who work for the promotion have some sort of deal elsewhere and nobody is actually a "PWG contracted" person), they can't actually stream out their shows.

Oh of course, I should have thought of that. Explains how they can get such an impressive group of talent together for the event.

Indy companies (and by indy company I mean every wrestling promotion that isn't WWE) should really start looking into ways to share their talent more liberally. Sure, injuries happen, but besides that it can really only help in the long run.

Just a heads up, the turnaround takes just as long as the DVDs, but they do sell a digital version on Highspots so you don't actually have to get the DVDs:

I only get DVDs from them during the holidays when they do their 5 for $40 specials.

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In no order: Witcher 3, Dying Light, MKX, Ori and the Blind Forest, and Kerbal Space Program (technically released this year)

Also great: Grow Home, OlliOlli 2, Axiom Verge

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@tajasaurus: Shrug his shoulders and walk away? No. How about take time to recover before trying to take him on. Like how stories used to be told. But nope. Cena was back the next night pretending nothing had happened. Just like after every other loss in the last decade. Wins against Cena mean nothing when they make them out to be nonexistent.

He didn't goad anyone into a rematch. They booked it 15 minutes after the end of the first one.

Owens would have been better winning, and you can't argue against that. Look at real sports stories. Teams that lose and lose only to come back and win in clutch situations like the playoffs is a thing that happens. Look at the Boston Red Sox from the mid 2000s. They became a cultural phenomenon because they were the hot shit, but couldn't beat the Yankees. Then they fucked them up in a big way and went on to win the World Series. It was a fucking story that baseball fans won't forget anytime soon. Not something that everyone will forget by the end of the year.

Sorry I don't like pathetic, obvious booking of the most boring WWE character since Hulk Hogan.

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Whoa I don't get the negativity for this show. I think Reigns *should* have won. Since Fastlane he has been on fire in the ring and probably had the best performance out of everyone in a relatively rote money in the bank match.

The Divas title match was good. I'd like to see Nikki go to NXT, not because I think she needs to, but in that environment I think she will really change a lot of people's opinions about her. She's really solid, and has really good matches on, like, Superstars pretty regularly. I think that there was just so much time previously where the Bellas were synonymous with bad wrestling that now she has so much more to overcome.

I skipped Big Show/Ryback because who cares.

Cena vs. Owens was *perfect*. Cena should have won, and it was one hundred percent the right call to do so. If Owens just steamrolls Cena twice in a row, who cares? But Owens lost nothing in losing the match, and probably comes out a lot better. Being a psychotic dick and ending Cena's life on the apron after Cena put him over huge is going to do a lot more for him than going out on Raw tomorrow and saying "I beat Cena twice I'm unstoppable now where do I go now what do I do". Also even though it was initially a little clumsy, Cena hit a fucking Code Red. Cena got that crowd back on his side pretty strongly due to his workrate. John Cena, for as garbagey as his character can be, is a legitimately great professional wrestler with a catalogue of incredible matches that rivals anyone.

The tag match was a lot of fun in a cool down match kind of way. I like PTP a lot and hope they get featured more.

I didn't watch the main event at all because I'm just not interested.

But the thing is, Cena vs. Owens 2 shouldn't have been booked to begin with. Why couldn't they just give Owens the big rub, and split them up? Because now WWE is convinced every fucking matchup has to be a best of three series. It made more sense for Cena to take a week off, then go back to his open challenge for the dogshit title. Then they could have come together again in a few months or a year to have another match or two.

Owens would have gotten over a lot more than he did if he beat his ass in the ring, then beat his ass out of the ring because he is a psycho. The justification for Cena winning is weak. Cena won because Vince didn't want the guy that will be off the road by 2017 to look like anything less than the greatest. Look at how this match came about: Cena loses to Owens -> Cena comes back and says Owens is a sore winner -> Cena says Owens can't beat him twice -> Cena says he is the favorite -> Cenawinslol.


That is my problem with Cena and Cena always fucking willing. Everyone knew he was going to win, so it removes every bit of tension from the match. Was the match good other than a few botches? Sure, but I wasn't invested in who won because it was a forgone conclusion.

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I've mentioned it to all of them before, but no change has come. The overall volume decreased once they set up their new studio at CBSi, especially for anything done on the main set. Nothing ever improved, and it is kind of insane that none of them have checked the volume levels on videos in the last three years.

I'd say Giant Bomb videos are roughly 15-20 percent lower than the rest of the internet's video content.

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So is no one saving announcements for E3 other than Nintendo?

I personally would love it to become a trend where hardware and financial announcements like this are made in the weeks leading up to E3 leaving the conference open for eye-blasting software and feature business :)

Yea. I would rather all of this over suffering Sony and their 30 minutes of tragedy that happens at almost every E3.