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@ht101: Honestly, except for the Foley pop, and getting cheap heat from the Royals dis, it looked, and sounded like the crowd wasn't into anything happening until the main event. We saw a whole bunch of the crowd sitting there silent like it was a Main Event or Superstars taping.

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Earlier when I said Cena looked funny walking around the table? This is what I was talking about:

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I'm really glad you guys came out and wrote something. I know you have been fairly obviously against the bullshit since day one, but it is good to have another well written, clearly stated piece to point people to.

Thank you guys for presenting your argument. Have a good weekend, and let's hope this shit ends soon.

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Pushed into 2015? That has to be the first time something like that has happened this year.

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@hunterzolomon: Looks like a good version of WSX. Probably has a lot of the same talent, too.

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@demoskinos: Except those two are the only ones represented that heavily on the list. Why not have 15 fewer matches from those guys, and more from other significant rivalries?

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@demoskinos: I hope that isn't legit. Do we really need 50 fucking matches with CM Punk and Cena? Jeezus.

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That whole angle was fucking gross. Not because of "disrespect," but because if a Russian tore down an American flag on live television, the entire nation would be going ballistic.

...No it wouldn't. Not if it happened on a fucking wrestling show. It has been before multiple times, and it will be done again in the future. The *only* people outside of wrestling that may pick it up at all are the fuckfaces at Fox News, and who gives a shit what they think?

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