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I download the videos and watch them on my PC. I have a fairly fast connection (40/40 fiber), but I enjoy the more controlled experience from watching it as a video file. Chrome often seem to become a real memory drain when you play long videos.

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@monkeyman04: MLS posts highlights and more of every match on their Youtube-channel.
The last goal was not offside since the attacking player was level with the defending player, therefor no offside-call.

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It could, but there are other places they can improve. I read somewhere that the UK only has somewhere around 6,000 licensed youth coaches, while Spain has between 7 and 10 times that. The thing with restrictions like that is that your trying to luck your way into talent instead of making the investment at an earlier level and actually produce more talent.

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Good win by Barcelona last night, even when we are slightly off we still pull out a win in the derby. But both my brother, father and I were screaming at the TV for the last 10 minutes. Should have gone a little bit more for that third goal, Madrid looked exhausted and it would have put the title decider over to points and goal difference. But all in all a solid, if not slightly lackluster performance... also Pique was good, like really good. Worth noting that Neymars finishing has been a bit off lately, same in a few of the last game. Could have had nine or so goals in his last three, instead he has zero... But now they get to weeks to semi-relax (at least the South-Americans) and hopefully work a bit on their finishing and get their confidence up, cause the rest of the game is already there. Creating chances like there is no tomorrow, it's just the finishing.

1-0 Mathieu (Assist Messi)
1-1 Ronaldo (Assist Benzema)
2-1 Suarez (Assist Dani Alves)

And i hate these kind of situations. Please stop it...

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@shindig: To add to your "State of Play", in Spain, goal difference isn't the first thing if they are equal on points:

  • If the tie is between two clubs, then the tie is broken using the goal difference for the two matches those clubs have played against each other (without away goals rule)

So as of now, before tomorrows Clásico, Real has a big advantage in that department.

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@drx25 said:

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton vs Batista vs Winner of Bryan/Orton - Triple Threat Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

So we are risking an Orton vs. Batista vs Orton macth? Oh the humanity! (and boredom)

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So this is basically what happened to Ambrose. Apparently he just laid there until the bell rang, stood up and walked away like nothing ever happened...

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I feel crazy for even writing this, but is it only me or did Batista look a lot better at last nights Raw than his previous appearances? Didn't look totally gassed out from just walking, and not as awful? Might just have been the length of the segment...