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But it's Europe we're worried about!

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@budwyzer said:

Nintendo should just go the way of Sega and just make games for other platforms.

You know, I've thought about it… and I'd be okay with that.

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Made another one, M01D exclusive this time. Le Funk.

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I'm surprised there were many topics in the KORG DS-10 forum but none in here. Oh, well. Post your work either from the original M01 for DS or M01D for 3DS.

I made this yesterday with M01D: Village IX. It's an old composition I composed back in 2010. I was listening to Black Mage Village from FFIX a lot. Don't sue me, Nobuo.

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@neozurg said:

Would they have the orgy sequence after you beat Pennywise the first time?

Haha, what?? Never read the book. That is crazy.

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And released for the Game Boy in 1990, would it sound like this?

I watched "It" a few hours ago and I really love Pennywise's theme, so I thought I'd give it a go on my Game Boy. I used Little Sound Dj on a Game Boy Advance SP.

Here's the original:

The first part loops twice in this version, but I only looped once since it got a bit tedious. I also added a second melody to make it a little more interesting, to make up for the lack of high-pitched xylophones that I couldn't do at all (only 3 melodic channels to work with on a GB.) Anyways, I hope you like it!

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Kameo's a great game. Love it. Feeling like it's time to re-play it soon.

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I didn't know Ethan Hawke made games.

I remember these from Next Game Boss, I actually thought this game would never be finished because they made it sound so large and if I remember correctly they didn't have much to show of it… or maybe I'm mistaken.

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Should've attached the Tim Tracy E3 vid after "E3 is right around the corner".

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You mean The Three Musketeers actor, am I right?