I think it needs to be more clear how to NOT post a blog to the forums. Seriously. Testing this out for myself.
EDIT: Well, that explains why everyone posts to Off-Topic. Maybe we could change the default to Hello Kitty Online or something to make straight spam easier to spot.


Recommend me a media player...

So, two things have happened lately which have led to me staring to rip my cds. I have been noticing lately that all my 15 year old cds are kinda getting scratchy and fragile. Thus, backing everything up on my hard drive, which in turn meant I got an external hd for xmas.

I have never bothered to use anything other than Windows Media Player before...but now that I have a ton of music to manage it is giving me fits. My biggest problem is having things in two places. If I have a cd on both the external and internal hard drives, it shows all the tracks twice under the same album name. Also, occasionally my cds are extra special sucky and if Media Player can't rip them, it causes the computer to freak out forcing a hard reset.

So, I would assume there is a better option out there. I feel really old and out of touch having to ask about this...but I have never jumped on the download bandwagon, I never got an mp3 player other than my phone, and have clung to my cds.



Well, I am not the target audience...

But still, pretty weird.  I have no problem with half naked women and jokes about playing games in one's underwear....I just wish that some of the focus on the show was appreciating the games!  Only about 15 minutes of award presentation in a 2 hour show was ridiculous, as was the 20 second thank you time folks received.

I probably would have turned it off after NPH but Weezer was at the very very end. And god I hoped they sounded better on TV than they did on the website feed.

Also, Jack Black was pretty okay...I wish he would have been in the show more.

The whole thing seemed just completely unrehearsed kinda lame.


I have oranges.

So, I am about an hour an a half into City Folk. Yup, it's Animal Crossing. Oryx took the bus to Rejoov, and I picked the house nearest to the store. I finished working for Nook (which is presented a little less like indentured servitude this time around) and am now onto sillyness like changing the town tune and buying clothes.   I got the bundle with the WiiSpeak and hopefully I can try it out soon. Post or send a PM to trade codes...I need exotic fruit to start my usual neurotic orchard planting. :)

EDIT: Wheee I got my first mortgage paid off.

WiiSpeak so far. Geh. I will reserve final judgment until I have talked to more than one person, but so far I am not impressed.

Couldn't you email animals in other towns before? It is letting me send mail to the person in another town, but that's it. Which itself wasn't set up until I visited the city for the first time, I was very confused as to why it was letting me write notes I couldn't send.

The city is pretty neat, but yeah it's just the usual stuff all packed into a town square that reminds me of downtown in the Sims. I did like the I can be Irritated! Grr!

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