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Awww man. That's some bad luck. The number of times I have done that is truly embarrassing.

I haven't been able to record my runs for a while now. Anyone playing the PSN version of the Daily is in for a crazy seed when they get a PLASMA CANNON!!!!! in 1-2. Finished with $800k and #1 on the leaderboard for at least a little while.

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My Daily run ended in pretty much the most fitting way possible. I was playing so bad that I didn't even deserve to get that far.

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Not a good day in the Spelunky office. I think I am coming towards the end of my Spelunky addiction.

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I did awesome in both versions (I think at this point I should acknowledge that I am a crazy person who owns all 3 versions) of the Daily. I got to and beat Hell in both. I'll be back to recording my PS3 Daily runs tomorrow.

Only problem is some asshole going my the name @amarriner keeps beating me by just a hair! Damn you.

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I had two pretty alright runs for today's challenge. PS3 run (video) ended in heartbreak courtesy a crush trap in 4-3. PC run ended with the decimation of King Yama and successful escape.

Also look who I finished just a couple of spots behind in the PC version!

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Another Daily on the PS3 ruined by my own stupidity and carelessness. One of these days, I am going to put it all together again.

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@mosespippy said:

I know there are a lot of new players here and I saw Patrick nearly get himself killed today so I made a single image guide on how to rob the black market. This will clear out the top quickly and you can work your way down from there.

That's cool. Only thing I would add is that if you have sticky bombs, you should try and throw the 3rd bomb from the safe space outline in your picture and get to stick above the shop sign. Makes the shopkeepers come out of the shop easier and keeps you safe.

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I didn't realize that you could retrieve the scepter from lava. I tried avoiding having it drop in the lava while killing Anubis. It ended poorly for me. My PC Daily was much more fruitful as I made to hell and died at Yama (bomb blew up in my face trying to throw bombs at Yama).

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Yes. There is no escape now.

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Wasted all my luck on my practice run. I kind of, sort of forgot that I hadn't grabbed the queen bee juice and got myself killed. Oh well tomorrow is another day.