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RE: Worth Playing.

I wish that you wrote brief descriptions of the games you are showcasing. I found myself checking more of the games when you wrote a brief paragraph or two about them in Worth Reading. I don't always have the time to watch even a 10 or 15 minute video and I would like to know more about the games before pressing play on the Worth Playing videos.

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Pretty sure Mega64 has got you covered on the Journey version ^_^

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#1 under terms of use: You can make some great things with our API, but unfortunately money isn't one of them. The API is strictly for non-commercial use only. Commercial use will result in your API key being revoked.

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@evan223 said:

As someone who own's the gold box set on DVD and Fire Walk With Me on Blu-Ray already, is it worth dropping £50 on this?

If you are a big fan of the series then I think it is absolutely worth it. You've got the best looking version of both the movie and the show plus they've added a bunch of new special features that are exclusive to the new set including the FWWM deleted/extended scenes.

It is a lot of money and this isn't going to be a limited run type of deal so you could always hold off and wait for it to get cheaper.

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The Blu-Ray set is so good.

I got my copy yesterday and Fire Walk With Me looks incredible in HD and they did a bang up job with the audio. The deleted/extended scenes got the same treatment as the film and look/sound just as incredible. The scenes themselves are a little hit or miss, but if you are fan of the series you should be more than happy with them.

I've only watched the first three episodes of the series, but it looks much better than the old DVDs. The addition of surround sound is also really nice. You don't realize how much audio you were missing until you hear it in surround sound.

It is clear that I lot of love and care went into this box set.

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What happened to the days when you ran out and pre-ordered a game because it looked really awesome and you just wanted to play it on day one. Now it is this constant scheming my publishers and retailers to try get you to pre-order something you might be okay with waiting to hear some opinions on after it is out.

This is an extra bummer because unlike most pre-order DLC this actually sounds kind of rad.

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@darek006 said:

I just want to say that what you're doing is pretty rad, @rorie. Thanks.


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Diversity is important and I am disappointed that Giant Bomb isn't more diverse, but I think the guys (special props to Scoop and Alex) do better than most at shining a light on diversity through things like the Bombin' in the A.M. guests, year end guest lists, Worth Reading, etc. I really hope they continue strong on that front. I know Patrick has talked about getting a freelance budget and it would great to see more writing on the site. I'd love to see pieces from folks like Cara Ellison or Jenn Frank on the site.

I completely understand why some people are angry and/or disappointed in the lack of diversity at GB. I am disappointed too. At the same time Giant Bomb is a personality driven site and they need to be conscious of making sure the Bomb Crew mesh. That isn't to say that someone who is a woman or queer or non-white can't, but GB & CBSi had a hiring process and decided that the two people they hired were the best fit. Unfortunately it isn't doing much to help them out in the diversity front and I think criticizing the lack of diversity at Giant Bomb is completely fair game.

I was incredibly disappointed when I got off work and saw some of the things that were being said by people claiming to represent the GB community or GB fans. People have the right to criticized anything they want. That does not mean they are immune from having their criticism rebuffed and critiques itself, but personally attacking those speaking out is not that and is just a shitty thing to do to someone.

Also, I don't want to hear any more of this "most qualified" shit. Things we don't know A) who applied B) who was interviewed C) what the qualifications these mysterious applicants had. Even if we could know, it is dumb to assume people are asking GB to hire someone to be the token diversity stand-in and acting like they somehow have less merit than a straight, white make candidate. I understand this is not how someone of you intend to have it perceived, but instead is how it is sometimes perceived and perpetuates gender bias in hiring practices.

I'm sorry if this sounds rambling, incoherent and/or angry. I've had some pretty strong emotions stirred up as a result of everything that has happened today as someone who has tried to be a part of the GB community (long time lurker!) but never really felt comfortable in doing so.

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Awww man. That's some bad luck. The number of times I have done that is truly embarrassing.

I haven't been able to record my runs for a while now. Anyone playing the PSN version of the Daily is in for a crazy seed when they get a PLASMA CANNON!!!!! in 1-2. Finished with $800k and #1 on the leaderboard for at least a little while.

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My Daily run ended in pretty much the most fitting way possible. I was playing so bad that I didn't even deserve to get that far.