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Duders, as long as the nature of content doesn't change, this will remain as my premiere site for gaming and I'll support you all the way. I'm just sad that the name Whiskey Media will go away...there's just something in it that sounds really cool.

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That sidekick of Jill is in the likeness of MattBodega.

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Adam Rafferty's MJ and Stevie Wonder instructional DVDs, that is, if you're into some advanced acoustic guitar playing. :)
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Could it be that Treyarch (with Activision) purchased their own game in order to reach that sales figure? Idea for the birds right? Sounds plausible to me. I still haven't got this game, I wasn't as stoked as I was like with MW2. I'm guessing a lot of people probably feel the same way.

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@OneAndOnlyBigE said:
" I've heard the ladies on IGN's Girlfight take shots at Jeff before, but I don't recall the GB guys reciprocating. "

What date was that podcast? Im gonna have to listen to that.
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@ZeForgotten:  Oh, ok. I had to figure out what happened because of what you said. So that's what that little thing up there is for. Lol! Thanks!  =)
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Yeah guys, the white site, if that's what you call it. It wasn't like this earlier. At first i thought it was just ok, but now I think it's good. I always find Giantbomb and Anime Vice kinda look the same. Is this white site permanent?

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Hmm...I think I like it.  Yeah I do like it! =) 
EDIT: Nice work guys! I find it easy to the eyes. Thumbs up!

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I love the GTA series. I love running around the streets of GTA4's Liberty City. :)