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I was among the ones who were incessantly refreshing "8001050F" on Google during the glitch. I first got the info from Kotaku that it was "rumored"  that the problem might've been lifted.  For those whose PS3s have been affected, we sort of did sync up the clock & trophies instinctively (and in that order). Checking out forums today show that there are still others having troubles salvaging their trophies. Others say they were starting over a game they once finished because it was removed from the trophy list. You don't need to, you just have to sync up your trophies again during the game. Reason i know this is because I had the same thing happened to me when I upgraded my PS3's HDD: I got all my trophies back after doing an intitial sync. However, when I started a game (that's on the trophy list), that game re-aapears on the list but with 0% completion. I just needed to resync my trophies again while the game was running and it recovered my actual trophy count. I went and did the same thing to each game on my trophy list.
BTW, you don't need me to tell you that trophies that weren't synced to the server prior to the glitch are unrecoverable.

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I've noticed 2 other things on my PS3 (Asian version); the minute hand on the clock does a full 360 when you play with the What's New icon (I mean you move the cursor up, down, left, right), second, the clock only runs when the system is turned on, when you turn it off it reverts to the time you started the machine.

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I have the same problem with my PS3. I have the Asian (40GB) version, HDD upgraded to 250GB . I've got the same error code, same trophy and sign in error messages. The only difference is the date., it was set to 1/1/2000 rather that the 12/31/1999 the others are getting. Some say it was a "leap-year" "Y2K-like hardware issue," well maybe but I don't think so. I find it odd that this problem coincides with the some page updates both on the US & Asia Playstation sites (particularly the USN PSN trophy page). 
I'm 11 hrs ahead of US EST (I'm in Asia). I left my system downloading (The Tester) overnight, woke up, watched the videos, turned it off then I left the house at 6:30am. I came back at around 2pm, turned on my system and the startup was noticeably longer than usual, the PS3 logo took a while to showup. I tried Darksiders on, it made me quit because of the trophy error (both online & offline), checked my trophy list, Darksiders isn't there. Tried to sign in, it gave the sign in error message. I saw the incorrect time & date at this time. Now here's another odd thing, upon checking my Facebook page, it shows some recent trophies I've obtained from Darksiders as a status update posted at 9:00am. Remember I wasn't home at that time. I suppose they'd sent some subtle updates "covertly" overnight on to the affected PS3s, that, I don't really mind as long as a simple system software update will be able to fix it.

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Well deserved.

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  • Street Fighter 2
  • Zelda: Link to the Past
  • Secret of Mana
  • Super Mario World (x2)
  • Contra 3
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Ask him to buy you a Playstation network card instead, then get yourself a PSN game .

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@tekmojo said:

" You've got me interested. Time to research it a bit.

God this name is hard to pronounce when not trying, Demon'sssssSouls. You know the crew are gonna have a blast with this one!
 Pronouncing this is easy, you only need to employ the linguistic technique called,  Liaison.
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Adventure Island on the NES! The final battle was way too much for me back then.

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Apart from hiring Altair, what else can we do to just make him stop doing films for the rest of his life? Srsly, it's just a feeling of hopelessness, I feel that nothing can really be done to end the guy's film-directing career.

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Hey! Am i the only one who thinks that the upcoming film adaption of Tekken has excellent casting of its characters(except Law & Christie) while the King of Fighters seems like a total letdown?
Here's a link for Tekken: 
I can't find a similar page for KoF, sorry.
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