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Nope, I like achievements and trophies plenty but not enough to get in the way of enjoying a good game.

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If the art style didn't convince you then don't worry too much about it.  I like the game quite a bit but the combat is way too easy and the exportation never felt great.  Best part of the game (outside of the art) is the names of the shops in the mall: "Why Not Flip Flops?".

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Couldn't happen to a better poster.  Hope that 2XL is your size dude.

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@crusader8463: Seriously dude, if you cannot find it in yourself to get super excited for at least a couple of the games coming in 2011 you should just go sell you gaming systems and find a new hobby because video games have nothing left to show you.  And if you can get excited about at least a couple which are they?  Don't concentrate on the games that aren't for you, there are hugely anticipated AAA games that I do not want to play but I just think about Portal 2 and Arkham City etc. and all my disappointment melts away in my excitement for those couple of games.
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There will be the smaller category ones from 27-31 and GOTY-cast on January 1st.

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@The_Laughing_Man: Dude RDR controls are GTA controls, there is no difference.
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I liked RDR a lot and I personally don't care for the GTA games (like you said the gameplay sucks and it kind of does in RDR too).  The things I felt raised this game another level were the the character of John Marston, that it felt more open because I could go into most buildings and that the environment appeals to me more than an urban landscape.  Don't worry about catching references to westerns, that stuff is in there but unimportant.  While I wouldn't really call the game super unique I would say it admirably accomplishes what it sets out to do and has one of the richer stories (in terms of social and philosophical discourse) of any game I've played.

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I felt fine to me on the PS3 (though I am no graphics whore).  Looked good, ran stably and I hardly ran into any bugs for a game of that size. 

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You guys (aka the dudes who actually made photoshops) are awesome.  Continue rocking it in the new year.

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I don't know you dude, or the kind of games you like.  However, watching the DP endurance runs on this here site satiated my thirst for that game so maybe watch that for free and buy Battlefield.  I don't know dude.