My Video Summer Part 2: Green Acres

Hello again,

Still trying this blog thing out even though they turn into rambly messes. Oh well.

This week I uploaded another video and there is a very small link to Giant Bomb in the creation process of it.

So, as you see (or didn't see, whatevs) there is a lot of green screen in it (That's not the link to giantbomb, I'm not that desperate). The tricky part of this whole situation was that the actual screen I have wasn't set up, but I did have fluorescent green cardboard that I took from work before I got an actual screen. In addition to this, my basement where I shoot the green screen stuff is full to the brim with my brothers' mountain of old crap. So to shoot this we had about a four foot wide by 10 foot deep section of the basement carved out. There were a few 500 watt yellow painter's work lights to light us and the heat certainly rose.

As one person was infront of the camera, the rest of us were in our estimated position in the scene crammed around dusty boxes and smelly cat stuff. But I think the keying of the green out turned out as good as it can in the situation. It has definitely been worse, that's for sure. I also hope this summer of videos is able to continue unabated, but we'll have to wait and see.

And the link to Giant Bomb is I have the green cardboard from work because I needed a quick green screen to answer a Question of the Week question. The following video wasn't aired because of some of the blue language (I'm paraphrasing Drew). It's quite poor, in retrospect, but still super fun to make from start to finish in 5 days, while working almost every day at my job.

I don't even know what my point is anymore, other than I got to use green screen again! It's been a while, and is always super silly and fun at the same time. The 3000 watts of lights plus treadmill blew my breaker in the basement once or twice. Oh well, everyone survived!


My Video Summer Part 1: Head Under Water

Hello everyone,

I don't post often (ever?), but I'm on Giant Bomb all the time. I never really right about myself either (ever?), but I thought I'd try and hash out my busy summer and the more I write the better I'll get at wordsmithery.... We'll see.

Anyways, I'm going into my last year of university for film and video production. I've already finished all of the main courses for the degree but I need to get those electives that no one cares about and that are usually put off until the end finished because I didn't care about them and put them off until the end. Really I was just working my job to pay for the school, but that's neither here nor there.

So I just shot two videos last weekend. The first one was posted today:

I think it turned out okay for the footage I had, but I'm always eternally grateful that people are willing to help me out with silly stuff like this. I planned two weeks ahead of time for this shoot like I do most of my stuff which is always stressful because there's always something that's going to happen that changes the plan. Luckily, everything was ok this time, the only thing that was iffy was the way we were going to be kept underwater. I had a theory that putting a 15 pound barbell into one of those drawstring bags and wearing it under whatever clothing might work. It did, but with the shallow end we had to sit and the bag hung too low so we just held barbells in our laps and tried not to die.

Oh, I guess one wrench in the cogs was I had a job interview at a certain time later in the day, so I needed to be alive for that. It feels weird to wear clothes in the pool that aren't just a t-shirt and shorts. Definitely added weight when outside of the pool, but not as much inside as you'd think.

In conclusion, this blog is getting kind of rambling. Underwater Living is already the 4th video I've posted this summer, which is more than I've done in the past few years. They go up every second Wednesday and I've been sticking to that schedule pretty well. I just got a second job though and am doing a professional placement through the university with an amazing puppeteer for July and August, but I'd like to continue this summer of skits. We'll see how much tenacity I can muster, hopefully it's a lot!

What does anyone have planned for their summer?

I'll post again in two weeks whether anyone likes it or not! Woot.

Also, I loved Max Payne 3, but that's just me.